State of Decay Review - Grand Theft Zombie [Twinfinite]

Twinfinite checks out Microsoft Studios new zombie survival game.

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No_Limit1969d ago

Just downloaded the game on Live after hearing good things about it. Will play it later tonight.

Shadonic1969d ago

hope you like it, btw please keep Maya alive for me All 3 of the starter characters died in my game. :(

porkChop1969d ago

Why is PC not tagged? This isn't a 360 exclusive.

MxRBrobaFett1969d ago

Probably because its a review that was done on an Xbox 360?

porkChop1969d ago

It doesn't really matter what platform the game was reviewed on. The game will be the exact same on PC, so this review applies to both versions.

R_aVe_N1969d ago

You really can't tag something that is not released on PC when you do a X360 review because it would be false. Really doesn't matter if it "will" be on PC it currently is not. Either way a perfect score for a game that has more than a few problems just shows lack of honesty in my opinion. It can still be fun, and have bugs. The score needs to reflect this in my opinion (Because the game is fun to play) However it is not worthy of a perfect score very few games truly are.

MikeEaton1968d ago

"5/5: Excellent: Cream of the crop. Few or negligible flaws. Definitive recommendation." -- Hmm, I don't see the word 'perfect' in there.

He had a great time playing the game in spite of a few small issues and would recommend it wholeheartedly. That's what a 5/5 means on this site. You can agree with it or not, but that's how Twinfinite rolls, and I can assure you Chris is nothing if not honest.

While I suppose one reviewing procedure could involve counting the number of 'mistakes' that a game has and applying some kind of metric to it, that doesn't really provide any actual analysis of it and would be incredibly boring to read. Then again, the Internet is a big place and there's room for everyone.