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In this day and age, new IPs are a dying breed, or at least it feels that way with all of the sequels and various cash-ins flooding our systems. We here at Just Push Start wanted to take the time to acknowledge the games of E3 2013 that broke the mold and showed us something new. We’re talking the games that are the exact opposite of the next Call of Duty or Halo installment. Games that breathe new life into the medium and give us something fresh to look forward to. While engaging new masterpieces are currently being crafted, such as Watch Dogs and The Evil Within, it seemed appropriate to focus on new IPs that received their reveal at this year’s E3, of which there were few.

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Donnieboi1944d ago

We don't know anything about this game. Looks like fuse, but in an open world online setting in a post apocalyptic world.

Maybe it will be good.

But there isn't enough info to go on to get all hyped over it. Not saying people can't be intrigued, but other than graphics And this premise of randomly generated only PvP squad based encounters/skirmishes, I don't see anything all that unique and spectacular about the gunplay/gameplay.

showtimefolks1944d ago

It could be but let's wait and see before calling anything best new IP

destiny is that new IP for me also Titanfall looks killer

NewMonday1944d ago

Destiny is the one I want the most, I like Halo, and if the game didn't have a story campaign I would have been very disappointed, but the E3 trailer confirmed it has it.

Halo+borderlands+Mass Effect+ Demon Souls =

showtimefolks1944d ago

Damn you named 3 of my favorite games lol

So this will be what mass effect should have been
With a proper story
Hopefully a smarter loot system and better rewards than borderlands 2

2014 could end up being the single biggest year in gaming history

Uncharted 4
The order 1886
Mad max
Witcher 3
New Halo

Maybe Ff15? KH3 would be 2015 at the earliest

And much more we don't know about

Gamescom and TGS this year will also have some new games so by the end of the year we will get a much more clear picture of what's to come. And we can expect at least 2-3 game announcement at spike TV gaming awards

But destiny is on top of my list but MGS5 impressed me the most while witcher 3 is the one game I want to pay the most right now, if this makes any sense at all lol

UNGR1944d ago

Great looking title? Hell yes. Best new IP of E3 2013? Debatable. We had a lot of good games at E3, maybe we should wait to see what title turns out to be king of the new IP's. Going from only E3 footage it's hard to tell, you never really get to see what the game is actually like, you just get the good parts made into a trailer. We should definitely wait for more, hell we hardly have details on most of these new IP's. Give it some time folks, then we can hand out a crown.

showtimefolks1944d ago

I agree, until we get some better hands on preview or even a demo for ourself it's hard to call anything best new IP