Battlefield 4 destruction will be more like in Bad Company 2

DICE admits that they weren't satisfied with destruction in BF3, and promise to improve it in Battlefield 4.

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Saints941995d ago

Good, moar chaos with the 64 player fights.

THEDON82z11995d ago

Right,day 1 purchase for my ps4...I just want them to bring back the morter strikes(using the goggles)from bc2, then it will truly feel like I am at home..but anyway I am glad the destruction is cumn back it was truly missed!!!!

Utalkin2me1995d ago

Juts don't bring back the spamming mortar gun....

BiggCMan1995d ago

Battlefield 4 is a much bigger improvement than I ever thought it would be, very impressed at what I saw. That building collapse was just....


febreeze11995d ago

I thought commander has that power now.

Goro1995d ago

Was just like the tower in Caspian border...they're meant to fall at certain times of the game, it's like a dynamic map

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LackTrue4K1995d ago

i hope soo!!! :)
i felt like it was better on Bad Company 2, then it ever was on Battlefield 3....but then again.

"im only talking about a console player only, point of view"

awi59511995d ago

You are right it sucked on BF3 Im thinking of redownloading my Bad company 2 because i loved BF2 and bad company 2. The second games seem to be great and the next one sucks after that lol. Ill never forget BF 2142.

UNGR1995d ago

It's more like BC2? I don't know about that, BF4 looks like a real improvement on destruction, far beyond BC2. Look at the building, or the street collapsing by removing the support structures, BC2 was never that sophisticated, you were just able to remove most walls, and take specific buildings out.

JKelloggs1995d ago

As in more destruction. Compare BC2 and BF3, BC2 had more destruction, you could pull down buildings and such, BF3 wasn't like that.

UNGR1995d ago

BF3 had that one building in the corner of the map, BC2 had the house style buildings destructible, any other style of building it was walls only. It's more along the lines of BC2, but BF4 so far shows drastic improvement, not saying BC2 was bad, it was my favorite shooter of that year. The odd things are now destructible, that's something I've been looking forward to, and now it's here.

snipab8t1995d ago

Hopefully, BF3 was a real disappointment in that respect.

MizTv1995d ago

Ill be happy with something in between

CrimsonStar1995d ago

Yea , and i hope they dont sh#$ DLC down our throats that much this time around .

snipab8t1995d ago

They should return to the days of Bad Company 2. Free map modes (not crappy addons but actually some of the best combos in the game)for months, plus 2 brand new maps and 2 returning maps from BC1 all for free. The only paid DLC was the fantastic Vietnam expansion which was well worth the price for the new weapons, vehicles and feel.

DeadManMcCarthy1995d ago

It's good how Dice are improving on their mistakes. Unlike Activision, who never listen to their fans, and release the same COD crap every year.

HammadTheBeast1995d ago

Everyone hates quickscoping, but since the 7 year old tryhards think a single shot auto aim weapon is cool, let's keep it in for every game.

gamertk4211995d ago

Ah, we finally have something on which we agree! Quick-scoping is just the dumbest thing there is.

RE_L_MAYER1995d ago

No it wont, in e3 gameplay we saw 1 big building go bad company I could make all of them disappear

JKelloggs1995d ago

But you was shown a 10 minute video on a city map, you probably could blow up all of the buildings on a map on a different map. Don't judge the destruction on a pre-alpha demo video

RE_L_MAYER1995d ago

Pre alpha is as good as it usually gets

psyxon1995d ago

^ .... stop. never make that statement again.

jdktech20101995d ago

You also saw a column get taken out in a parking garage and the tank fall through as the street crumbled from below.

Not saying that wasn't all staged and those aren't the most destructible things in the game to make a good first impression but that's still pretty impressive.

I enjoyed BF3 a lot as it is but all I wanted was more destruction and 64 player matches on consoles and it looks like they've fixed both of those on next gen. I'm so excited for this game if they stick to what they've shown so far.

RE_L_MAYER1995d ago

Must of missed that part)))

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