So Just What WAS Microsoft Thinking?

Hardcore Gamer: Their success or failure will teach this industry more in a year than we may have known in a decade.

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GamersRulz1942d ago

I'm getting tired of these articles!

Godmars2901942d ago

Considering how obviously off the mark MS was intending to be, you're only going to see even more articles like this.

At this point I'd actually would like to see the XB1 released as originally intended.

humbleopinion1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I'd actually would like to BUY the XB1 released as originally intended. Sharing features was awesome, but now it has no tangible advantages over the PS4 - it's just the battle of the exclusives.
(I don't consider Kinect worthwhile yet)

nukeitall1942d ago

Actually part of it was well written, but should have been shorter. Particurlarly agree with this:

"Xbox One may have a whole lot of public perception problems, but this may be the one instance where we’ve lambasted something without giving the devil his dues first. Xbox One may be suggesting a completely radical way of doing business, and handling sales, but it isn’t a strategy crafted out of audacity and stupidity as the internet so firmly believes. If anything I personally hope that Microsoft sticks to their guns and delivers a compelling alternative to traditional distribution channels. By assuming most of the heavy loading, and giving the sales power back to the developers for the first time in ages, they just might be more cutting edge than any of us give them credit for."

jmc88881941d ago

Isn't it funny that when it comes to all the drm hell and spying....people call it perceptions.

No, those were realities. The Kinect part still is.

Perception is bs. There's reality and there's madness where everyone believes spin.

Reality is they had a spy device alongside horrible drm/check-ins.

Sharing features was vastly overblown compared to what it really was going to be.

3-4-51941d ago

Enough is enough....PS4 won E3..They both will sell well and Microsoft proved they are out of touch with what gamers want.

PS4 is cheaper, XB1 has a great controller still.

Microsoft got rid of some stupid BS....but still isn't out of the clear.

but Sony isn't Perfect though.

They are all going to sell very well, including the Wii U eventually.

All will be profitable and All companies will have another gaming console 6-8 years from now.

6 for Nintendo...8 for PS4 & XB1

Dumb "journalists" will still say Nintendo and gaming are dead, and will be proven wrong once again.

Learn from History people.....Games aren't going anywhere and we aren't giving in to any BS.

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Donnieboi1942d ago

MS was thinking of robbing us of our cash, our rights, and the future of gaming.

The nerve of them to tell us that having our rights taken from us is somehow the future. More like a dystopian future.

Plus all that crap about family plans and digital games didn't need drm. Now MS is taking these away because their mad they didn't get what they wanted. And people are stupid enough to actually believe that somehow the xbone is worse now that DRM is gone. Morons are too slow to see that this is what MS wants u to believe.

There's no reason why MS should be withholding some of the good features of xbox one, even if DRM is gone now.

But MS is just throwing a tantrum and withholding out of petty anger.

Tyre1942d ago

@Donnieboi Well Said! Bubble for you!

mistertwoturbo1941d ago

A lot of this is coming from the executives, and I believe Don Mattrick is at the forefront.

insomnium21941d ago

Yeah angry joe covered it pretty well recently. He said everything I would've said.

The only thng he left out was how trustrworthy MS is after a stunt like this.

sevilha821941d ago

You,sir,are a very intteligent man.
Very well said.

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DivineAssault 1942d ago

They were thinking of as many ways as possible to get money from customers.. Also how to appeal to the large casual, sport, & shooting crowds (cuz they bring in the most money).. Im done with them possibly forever but i felt this coming from them when i seen so few titles on 360.. At first, 360 had many great exclusive games but it slowly stopped & they turned to kinect for exclusives.. No thanks.. Keep your cable box that plays multiplats

Kingthrash3601942d ago

thats just it......they WEREN'T thinking.......not with their brains anyway.

Hellsvacancy1942d ago

Money can make people do very crazy things

Serg1942d ago

They were trying to force a "digital future", that will probably never come, and establish themselves at the top of the food chain, creating a monopoly with a deathgrip on the market, like they did with Windows.

The reason I say the digital future is no future at all, at least not a foreseeable one, is because we don't have the technology for it yet.

It works for movies and music because they are a, not interactive medias and b, have a relatively fixed size, byte wise. No matter what sound effects, instruments, voice etc. you put into a song, it will never go far above 100MB, and that's uncompressed studio quality. MP3s hardly ever go above 20 for very long, very high quality songs. Faster internet speed will only speed up the download. Movies go up in size when there is a bump in resolution. The jump from SD to HD made standard length movies jump from around 1GB to 8GB for 1080p. Digital only movies are predominantly streamed, not downloaded, so the size isn't a concern, other than bandwidth caps etc.. Streaming technology has been making strides in the past few years, we now have the best quality available depending on how fast our download speed is, without much loss in quality.

Games on the other hand, evolve in a different way. There are small games, there are big games, there are huge games. This gen was limited by DVD due to Microsoft not including an HD format in the 360 (One of the reasons for very short single-player campaigns, there's just no size left on the disc, 1 level in Killzone 2 was around 2GBs, God of War 2, a PS2 game, was bigger than most 360 games, because MS mandates developers to put stuff on their discs which is several GBs in size). Hideo Kojima already hit the 50GB limit on the PS3s BluRay 5 years ago, with 720p. Now we finally move on to 1080p with 4k and 8k already in the pipeline. Games will only get bigger. I will be surprised if we don't see multi disc games next gen. I have 100MBit cable, 12MB/s download, that's megabytes. I can download a 50GB game in 1 hour, if the servers provide that speed, my internet isn't acting up, and if I don't do anything else involving the internet during the download. My harddrive becomes almost unresponsive when I download at full speed. The faster the download speed, the more taxing it is on the harddrive. SSDs are nowhere near affordable and I don't see them becoming so for a long time. If Micosoft was successful with their BS, we would see a rapid decline in game quality, because developers would do anything they can to shrink the download size of their games. Fewer GBs, more people capable and willing to download them -> more sales. I for one do not wish to see a drop in quality, I'll take the disc.

If you tell a developer to go nuts without having to deal with disc size limitations, they will crunch through gigabytes faster than Mario can collect coins.

Music and movies, the two media that are the easiest to convert to digital, are still being bought in disc form. Granted, not as much as 10 years ago, but to put things in perspective: It is still a lucrative and profitable business to provide content on physical media, and things won't change for music and movies anytime soon, much, and I can't stress this enough, much less so for games.

People who are talking about the digital future like it's the best thing since sliced bread, are either trying to trick people into buying their crap, or are misinformed and the opposite of tech savvy.

Digital and physical will coexist. People who can and want to, will download games, people who can't and/or don't want to, will buy the disc. Going all digital will probably not be possible in my lifetime. Nor would I want it to.

Acidicpack1942d ago

Plain and simple...MS was not thinking...

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