Cloud, Asteroids, NFL – Audio From Xbox One’s Demo Shares Insight

EntertainmentBuddha is happy to bring our viewers some interesting audio from Microsoft’s E3 demo of the Xbox One. The audio, clocking in at a whopping 21 minutes, focuses mainly on the Xbox One’s intriguing Cloud Technology as well as the system’s Kinect functionality. While the jury may still be out on Microsoft’s next console, after taking a listen to the Xbox One discussion, it’s hard to say that Microsoft doesn’t at least have a strong vision for the One.

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joefrost001940d ago

This is a good listen for for xbox and sony fans alike very informative
They actually let game journalist in the room ask open questions
Please no fanboy comments about there lying and all of that especially if you dont even take time to listen to the whole thing
Very exciting stuff if your just a gamer in general and not an fanboy

nukeitall1940d ago

This is the crazy stuff about the cloud:

"Microsoft has big plans for the Xbox One, and it seems that creating a system more powerful than anything we have seen before is on top of the list. Early in the video, Microsoft revealed that they were able to program the real-time location and movement of over 40,000 asteroids one a single Xbox One. This is an impressive feat, especially when compared to the fact that to achieve this feat with the current generation of consoles, it would take approximately ten 360′s – now that is a lot of power.

Furthermore, Microsoft continues on to speak about how the Xbox One has been designed from the ground up to work with the Cloud, meaning that every single Xbox One will have the ability to access any of Microsoft’s hundreds of thousands of servers at any given moment. The Cloud functionality allows the console to access these servers when more power is needed than the Xbox One can provide on its own. To demonstrate the potential of the Cloud, the aforementioned asteroids are brought back into focus, this time with 300,000 more added."

EasilyTheBest1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Could someone explain to me how a ton of so called gamers are saying that this is just smoke and mirrors.

I am not a top technical guy but even I can see how this could can make a game more impressive, graphically as well.

Neoninja1940d ago

It really was a good listen and I did come away learning a thing or two.
I think for most people they just have to see it in action.

BABYLEG1940d ago

How awkward would it be if the weaker console ends up being the stronger game system. For some reason I believe they'll just be a bunch of salty gamers.

swerve1211940d ago

The next gen will speak for it self when everything is over

1412 KID1940d ago

Gaikai is cloud-based gaming network and it's working
so sony is ready for everything with powerful console,
good price, Mega 1st party exclusive games, a clear strategy
to take over this generation.
what MS is trying to sell us ?? nothing just a unfinished console design with a TV in mind !!

Loki861940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Gaikai is cloud rendering, they also have nowhere near the infrastructure of Azure. So they are not nearly as prepared for cloud gaming as you think they are.

SjaakHaas1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Indeed. Gaikai generates video and streams to ur PS4. Azure can compute data and sends that back to the X1. Let's say you have a open world game. Your X1 computes (e.g.) the shadow data of the world from ur starting point so you can start playing. The Azure cloud can then compute the shadow data of the environments 1 mile/km away. So you dont have to wait for loadtimes at the beginning of a level, cause you only load a piece of the city and the rest is calculated by Azure and downloaded to the X1. That's just one example of the many possibilities. Streaming rendered video (like Gaikai) is another example of what Azure could do.

So Azure wil allways be more versatile than the Gaikai service!

dcbronco1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

That tiny Onlive box can do everything PS4 can do as far as cloud gaming. This is a new way of utilizing the cloud. While everyone knocks the ability to run several OSs, it may prove to be the ability that makes One games tower above other gaming platforms.

hazardman1940d ago

It was going good til I got to your comment.

iconic561940d ago

I was always hoping that this is the level of potential that the Xbox One is promising. This article is a good case of what the Xbox can do. It's too bad that they just didnt showcase this exact demo at one of their public media briefings.

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