David Cage and Yu Suzuki Discuss the Legacy of QuickTime Events

The director of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain talks to the director of Republique about the challenge of storytelling in games, and then the creator of Shemue joins in on the conversation.

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wishingW3L1943d ago

Shenmue 3 is coming guys. I'm sure of it.

abzdine1942d ago

do you imagine those two guys making Shenmue 3 together?

LOGICWINS1942d ago

No, it'll most likely be a downloadable title via all current/next-gen platforms, assuming Sega wants to maximize profits. Either that or Sony paid Sega a pretty penny to make it an exclusive.

longcat1942d ago

first yu suzuki is seen with Cerny...and now this.

And yu Suzuki had been in talks with sega to get shenmue rights....Make it happen sony

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DigitalRaptor1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Absolutely love this. Seems very genuine as it's developers simply chatting about what they're passionate about.

from the beach1942d ago

Stopped listening at about 10 minutes when he starts the "too grown up for videogames" stuff. Just.. no.

DigitalRaptor1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

There were times in that interview where I was thinking, damn this guy isn't really a big gamer. I kinda knew, but it didn't really sink in, until now.

He's still making a game, but he's not passionate about the current state of games. It doesn't really bother me about his outlook on gaming. Why should it? He's a creator. I still enjoy his creations.

Shame, you didn't watch on - missed the Yu Suzuki discussion.

from the beach1942d ago

It is a shame, I only really clicked it for the prospect of the Yu Suzuki discussion!

Cage's contempt for gaming is just too depressing for me.

CrossingEden1942d ago

some gamers ARE too grown up for gaming, they are the people who complain about anything and everything that's new, as well as when their favorite series receives any changes to keep up with the times

Krosis1942d ago

Quick time: the worst thing to happen to video games. Hate it.

AngelicIceDiamond1942d ago

No its only when Ryse does it.

MysticStrummer1942d ago

There are also those who hated it until Ryse did it.

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