Splinter Cell Blacklist Impressions Rezzed 2013 may be an indie focused event but Splinter Cell Blacklist still managed to sneak it’s way onto the lineup. Admittedly Rezzed is also a PC game show but there’s no denying that the focus is on the indies so seeing the big budget Splinter Cell Blacklist hidden away in the over 18 section was rather amusing.

Ubisoft obviously wanted to make the best impression possible so the PC version of Splinter Cell Blacklist was on hand for attendees to try out. It was all running at a nearly perfect 60FPS, picture quality was extremely crisp, it animated beautifully and suffered from no aliasing issues.

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Need4Game1945d ago

Have Better "Game" & "Gameplay" than "Metal Gear Solid 5", yet the story still bad. It needs Giant Robots, and Girls.

level 3601945d ago

Will still be anticipating Blacklist in spite of reading the article with saying " Splinter Cell Blacklist reminds me more of Conviction than the older games, OH NOES!! "

Last Splinter Cell game I bought was Double Agent and honestly it was a humongous disappointment so I did not even bother getting Conviction.

But am a huge Splinter Cell fan especially of the original 3 games which I still play. It's still a long way for release of Blacklist ( September here in Oz ), so will just wait and see till then.

Summons751945d ago

Conviction was good despite most whiners saying otherwise. If you followed the story closely then you'll understand why Sam is "run and gun" in conviction. Double agent was a disappointment but I have hopes for this one. This gives everyone the option to play their way. I like stealth so I'll do all the stealth routes. The only thing that bothers me is Ironside not being back but we'll see how things go.

zenzun1945d ago

It will be better without Uplay.

despair1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Conviction was a decent game but very forgettable, I honestly cannot remember any of the plot or areas in it and I beat it only a year ago. I still remember Pandora tomorrow and I played that so many years ago.

If this one is more Conviction than original Splinter Cell then I'll play it but treat it like just another title to get to rather than something special to thoroughly enjoy and relish.