Dynasty Warriors 8 Preview [Gaming Union] "Dynasty Warriors or Shin Sangoku Musou as it’s known in Japan, is about to release its 8th iteration in the series, when exclusion of Empires and XL versions is applied. Surprisingly Dynasty Warriors 8 is releasing on July the 16th & 19th in the USA and Europe respectively, which is mere months after the release of Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires. The real question posed by this is, will it be different enough?"

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Selyah1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Honestly cannot wait for this, am really curious to see how the new officers look and play.

mephman1970d ago

Agreed, I think the additional online modes will really help.

Master-H1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I hope it doesn't suck like the 7th did (imo)i hope they at the very least improved the engine a bit, the animations were glitchy in 7 and the graphics looked like a 2007 game

Ultima1970d ago

i dont know why they took out Custom created officer mode since DW4 and only added them on empires thats the only turn off for me but other than that cantwait

Enigma_20991970d ago

...and the wait for the Empires version begins anew.