Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 Headset Review (Gamerhub)

One of the more affordable headsets on the market -- and the sound quality is good, too.

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ohcatrina1947d ago

On the hunt for a new headset after the kitten chewed mine up. Thanks for the review!

AgentOrangex11947d ago

i know how that feels my cat did the same thing but i fix my headset

GentlemenRUs1947d ago

Wow, I can get a cheaper one which does the same thing but better!

Who needs a branded one when there are plenty out there which are better for less?

cpayne931947d ago

Are there universal headsets that are better though? I want something I can use for ps3, 360, and pc. Thought this was a pretty good deal at 80 bucks for working with multiple devices.

GentlemenRUs1947d ago

Yes there is, If its a USB one... Then it will work on the PC and PS3, But not too sure about the XBOX.

If you do some research, You will end up finding one which will work with *almost* everything, Cheaper and have better sound/voice input :)

cpayne931947d ago

I did research and very few headsets can work with both ps3 and 360, though plenty will work for pc and ps3. The few headsets that do work with both suck, and are fairly expensive, so I probably will end up getting these

1947d ago
DDDGirlGamer851947d ago

Meh, I like skull candy better

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