Xbox One: Never Forget What Nearly Happened

A reminder from yet another Gaming Website not to forget the reasons why the Xbox 180 occurred, nor the reasons it might happen again.

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komp2039d ago

"A reminder from yet another Gaming Website"

yep, that is all you need to know..

allformats2039d ago

Oh we will reminder, and that's why most gamers are buying PS4.

There's a phenomenon taking place that's seeing hundreds of thousands of gamers walking away from Xbox One....

Microsoft has already lost the eight generation of consoles.

Virtual_Reality2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Just watched the top 10 on Amazon.
PS4 have 2 bundles and a standard edition in the top 10.
The PS4 Day one edition already sold out a week ago. Pretty much that $399 helped a lot.

Now Sony need to reveal those 15+ exclusives games for PS4 at Gamescom and it will boost again.

abzdine2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

You guys can be sure DRM on x1 will be back the day they will have enough pigeons on board. You have my word!
Most people are buying PS4 because they want a company that cares for them and gives them what they want.

Last of Us 2
God of War

All these games will run on a cheaper console, better looking and more powerful.

pre orders don't mean much right now, let's wait for the after gamescom where more exclusives will be revealed.
LBP3 is in development for some time!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2039d ago

Yep. Just like we will never forget when PSN was hacked and our credit card numbers were in danger.. and Sony didn't say anything for a few days.

Never forget what happened!

Skips2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )


So true, if a SIMPLE PATCH removed all the crap they put... Couldn't the same do the opposite???

People would literally just be ONE update away, considering the system was literally built into the console...

loulou2039d ago

just visit n4g and you will never forget

DigitalRaptor2039d ago

@ miDnIghtEr20C_SfF

I won't forget that, except our credit card numbers weren't in danger because they were encrypted.

adventureghost1242039d ago


Bubble vote for you good sir

Flames762039d ago

Last time i checked the Xbox One is sold out at gamestop.Also number 1 on amazon U.S and U.K.Microsoft learned early fixed the problem and are destroying the PS4 as of right now.They wasn't gonna screw up like sony did with the PS3.Since you have your crystal ball and can see the future how about the lottery numbers?

kupomogli2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )


Amazon's best sellers are items that keep selling more because it's an hourly thing that goes by percentage. If one item sells more in that category, even if another has sold more overall, it'll be higher ranked. This is why Xbox One is in first place on best sellers. The PS4 day one edition will keep going down in rank because it can't sell anymore.

However if you look at this link, still in Amazon. Best sellers of 2013 in video games. This is an accumulation of all video game related items sold in 2013. Playstation 3 is in second place while Xbox One is in sixth.

In the UK, the PS4 is number four in best sellers of 2013 in video games. At the moment, Xbox One is number 63.

So no. Xbox One is not "destroying" PS4 in sales. It's the other way around.

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falviousuk2039d ago

Dont need to read any further. Another backwater site trolling for hits, didnt click the link and would urge everyone else to do the same.

Nocando2039d ago

Bubbles the warning. I am weary of this online crusade against ME.

nosferatuzodd2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

well said author everyone should really thank Sony cuz if Sony did cave in and say OK we'll do-it too everyone would be eating Drm for breakfast lunch and dinner...

People seemed to have a short memory that's why history always repeat it self, just watch Microsoft is going to come up with a way to make them eat DRM and every one is going to follow like a sheep we the sheeple will never learn.

If Microsoft can be in second place on amazon even with the drm fiasco and kinect spy cam then you cant see where this is going you have fanboys out there who will defend Microsoft with there life if they of to i know a couple of them i even have a friend who is just like that..

bottom line Microsoft is a bunch of suits who care about profits more than how they care about the industry not saying Sony is a white angel on a horse but atleast they have a little feeling for the hard working costumer..

Why o why2039d ago

I won't forget a thing . . . I saw what they tried. They backed down. I'll forgive them. . everybody makes mistakes

dedicatedtogamers2039d ago

But it wasn't a mistake. Microsoft invested millions of dollars and thosands of man-hours to create the DRM infrastructure for Xbox One.

It wasn't like "ooops! Our system blocks your library of games if you don't get online once per day. Sorry about that. It was an accident"

Why o why2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

A mistake in judgement. . . . They thought the masses would let them use our own blood for lube whilst they fudge packed drm amongst the other bs restrictions up our . . . . .s

. . . They were mistaken

DigitalRaptor2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

You'll forgive them for looking at Amazon pre-orders and realising that their DRM infrastructure was not worth the discrepancy in sales that would affect their reputation, their market share and most importantly their business?

They didn't do this for you, despite their little "your feedback matters" speech. and it wasn't a little lapse in judgement. They would continue to do this, if the market would take it.

B1663r2039d ago

It is funny because gaming websites like actually made the situation worse.

The publishers are simply going to opt out of disk distribution for smaller games, on both consoles.

Only trible A games like COD and Madden will get disk distribution.

TEZ-RaViNlUnAtIk2039d ago

Cod triple A??? U a crackhead?

SpinalRemains1382039d ago

Cod a AAA game?

Go back to sleep, wake up and redo your entire day. Something went wrong along the way.

SpinalRemains1382039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Sony pushed the BluRay format for themselves. If publishers want to opt out of disks, it ain't gonna happen.

Again, as we just recently learned, publishers need SONY astronomically more than SONY needs them. They cannot survive on Xbox alone. They need the other 80 million to survive. Why would Sony agree to remove the format they pushed for?

2038d ago
Retroman2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

MS a friendly reminder:

remember that.

that all you need to know MS...

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Excalibur2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

As stated in the article "Never forget how close Microsoft came to doing this, they sat through lots of board room meetings to get to that point".

I have said this a few times now, the people that came up with this crap are still in place, that mentality is still at M$ is still in place, all they are going to do at this point is go back in those board room and come up with new ways to do those same type of practices, they will just be more subtle about it next time.

Never Forget.

Chapkatsu2039d ago

I'm amazed that at no point, no-one ever said "Wait, no, they won't stand for this". How little faith they had in their customers.

PirateThom2039d ago

People can sugar coat it however they want, but Microsoft are still the same company. In fact, the only person who was ever held to rights over anything was Adam Orth, who basically revealed the real truth.

However, while Microsoft should be praised for going back on the decision the whole lead up was pathetic.

Ignored the outrage when it was rumoured.
Ignored the outrage when it was unveiled.
Ignored the outrage when they thought they could hide it with some flashy CGI trailers.

Then you have a company saying the always online was the backbone of their console and couldn't just be turned off, and then they proceed to turn off the requirements.

You then have intentionally vague statements and features going almost entirely unexplained.

Ouright lies such as showing games running on PCs running completely different hardware.

Features that don't work in most countries being big selling points.

Nonsense that the cloud will make the machine x times more powerful.

I don't trust them because they outright haven't been honest.

EverydayGuy2039d ago

That sounds just like the NDAA and SOPA fiasco.

fattyuk2039d ago


stage882039d ago

Let this be a lesson to all.

I won't have anything to do with a greedy company like Microsoft.

falviousuk2039d ago

Yes because sony just loves you. They arent a big multinational company with share holders. They arent there to make as much money as possible or to grab as big a market share that they can. They are doing all this because they just love you.

mariomaniac2039d ago

No one thinks that Sony is a friend or loves them and isn't just out to make money. But it is fair to say that Sony do provide a better and simpler service when you buy a product from them. No one's being sentimental, it's just it's nice for a company to respect your consumer rights and not feel arrogant due to blind belief that they're an untouchable monopoly.

MysticStrummer2039d ago

They can count money all they want in the background as long as their business practices give the illusion of being pro-consumer and pro-gaming in general.

Imalwaysright2039d ago

Say whathever the hell you want. Neither Nintendo or Sony tried to take our rights as consumers with draconian policies.

Excalibur2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

The difference is, Sony wants to make money giving as many people the things they want, M$ wants to make money trying to F-over as many people as they can.

There is a difference between smart business and greed.

Why o why2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

None of these companies care about my life like that. It's business. I'll judge them by their business practices. Each have had their faults but ms has started/attempted to start 2 generations with questionable methods.

Not only that but they've ended this gen like they're the ones who are supposedly cash strapped. Weak ass efforts in their core gamer segment. . relying on 3rd parties.

Their fans brag about how much money ms have yet they don't see the irony in ms's output. Unless the games cheap to make or its a guaranteed hit ms just don't seem too interested.

stage882039d ago

@Falviousuk Mariomanic summed it up completely. Of course companies are out to make money but Microsoft is a despicable one.

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Nocando2039d ago

How very profound, another bleating sheep repeating what they see online.

Hicken2039d ago

And your counterpoint is... nothing. A comment with ZERO substance.

I don't get it. How can you attempt to call somebody out when you've got nothing on your side? So he's just miming what he's found on the internet? And just what do you base your comments on? Where do you get your information from? Does your unwavering support of Microsoft come from the fact that you get everything straight from them? And if you DON'T get it from them- again- WHERE do you get it from? Out of thin air?

Given some of your comments, this last seems not just probable, but likely.

Transporter472039d ago

The thing is they were going to screw their consumers but since nobody bought their crappy DRM box, they had to backtrack because they were getting screwed they did this for MONEY not for YOU so don't feel special and say M$ cares about you.

LoydX-mas2039d ago

So Sony "cares" about you? They make hardware and software that they want you to give up your money to buy.

Just face it Sony had a better opening strategy and it seems to be working for them right now.

PirateThom2039d ago

Yes, Sony want to make money and they did in such a way where they didn't feel the need to screw over consumers.

Shocking, how horrible.

Transporter472039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )


You went full retard. You never go full retard.

You apparently can't understand the difference.

FITgamer2039d ago

@Transporter Should be no surprise i mean look at his avatar.

LoydX-mas2039d ago

Wow, it took one full comment till the insults fly, how mature.

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