Grand Theft Auto V PS3 500GB bundle detailed

The PS3 Grand Theft Auto V bundle comes with the game, a 30-Day PlayStation Plus Trial, a 500GB PlayStation 3 console and a DualShock 3 controller.

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komp2653d ago

Damn, all these release bundles.. I mean, there just isn't enough time in the day for all these release games... arrggghhhhh....

Launch frenzy

ThanatosDMC2652d ago

I wish it'd be playable on the PS4. I really hope they release a PS4 version.

Nafon2652d ago

^^ Just remember that San Andreas was great even though it didn't release on PS3 or 360.

BattleAxe2652d ago


Actually it did get released on PS3 for sure, as I own it for that system, but I don't know if its on the 360 or not.

Ray1862652d ago

Hey. I thought the same thing.

SonyPS42652d ago


You can at least play the Xbox disk on the 360. I know because it was the first Xbox game I tried on my 360. Not sure if it's downloadable from the XBL Marketplace or not.

ThanatosDMC2652d ago

All the GTA3 series game are on the PSN for download.

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tigertron2653d ago

Damnit, because it said 500GB I read it as PS4. :(

Hopefully GTAV will make its way onto next-gen consoles.

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SemRex2653d ago

I figure there's a pretty good chance they'll port the game to PS4 and X1 as a GOTY edition.

unchartedxplorer2652d ago

I'm still getting it on current gen. I want to play it first :)

PurpHerbison2652d ago

PS4 should be 1TB, standard.

yeahokchief2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

500gb IS PLENTY!

Keeping the system under $500 WITH A GAME AND ONLINE MULTIPLAYER is a job WELL DONE.

I have a 1tb installed on my PS3. It'll take you at least 3-4 years even with PS+ to fill that if you buy disc games and only download PSn games and DLC.

Hell, my 8gb WiiU which is actually only 5gb after system install is going to last me until late 2014. Just buy the games on disc and you're good. Saves don't take up any room at all. Neither do virtual console games.

PurpHerbison2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

3-4 Years? Are you absolutely ridiculous? My 500gb PS3 is already filled up from less than a year of PS+.

And are you also factoring in that "next gen" games are going to at least double in size???

The digital movement is going to be way stronger than it is now.

yeahokchief2652d ago

Look at every other Rockstar game buddy.

They don't do HD versions. They're too busy working on future projects.

They'll port the PS3 version to the PS4 via the streaming just like they ported the PS2 versions of all their old games to the PS3 and ported PSP games to the PS2/PS Vita.

Don't wait for PS4 anything. Play it on the PS3 dummy.

PurpHerbison2651d ago

I am going to be so incredibly angry when I get GTAV, pop it in my PS3, and it has this sluggish feel to it, aka, running underpar.

yeahokchief2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

the graphic style along with whatever advances they've made make me think it'll run smoothly. its gonna be amazing.

i think the main reason gta iv frames dipped on consoles is because of the draw distance combined with the hyper realistic style they went for. plus everyone had trouble developing for the ps3 early on. now we've seen what they can do with it after playing games like max payne3, last of us and bioshock infinite.

i wouldnt mind if they had to sacrifice some draw distance on console. i hope it runs nice and smooth tho.

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despair2653d ago

Wait I thought it included the pulse headset?

GreenRanger2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

EDIT: It doesn't come with the headset, as Makasu said.

My mistake, sorry.

Makasu2653d ago

It's just an ad for the headset.

Makasu2653d ago

Weird how they have that ad on the side as you mentioned though @GreenRanger

Makasu2653d ago

It's not included, it's sold separately for $179.

Little_BombA2653d ago

$150 regular price,but now to diferents store $129 or less

despair2652d ago

that sucks, was actually considering it if it came with the headphones, but since I got one of those already its not worth it for 150.

TheUndertaker852652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

@Little_BombA: The headset advertised on the side of the box will not be the same price. It will be GTA V branded and exclusive to GameStop. It is listed at $179.

There's also a custom GTA V audio mode coming for the Pulse Elite to the manager app for use with all Pulse Elite headsets.

Red_Devilz2653d ago

Can't wait for it to come on PS4

NihonjinChick2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Sorry to disappoint you but.....

xPhearR3dx2652d ago

That just said next gen consoles wont impact GTA V sales because of the install base. It was worded in a way that doesn't confirm next-gen but also doesn't deny it.

Remember, they haven't come out and said GTA V will be on PC but we all know it will at one point. My prediction is if they do release it on next-gen consoles, they will announce it along side the PC version.

Hazmat132652d ago

i love the first comment on the page. haha dude needs to chill and i haven't experienced that problem what so ever.

SoapShoes2652d ago

He's just a troll, no one would switch to Xbox over that.

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