Gamers XTREME - The Last of Us Review (PS3): “Naughty Dog’s Perfect Sendoff Letter for the PS3″

Glacier928: "The Last of Us is one of those games that will go down in history as one of the biggest achievements in gaming history. Naughty Dog is known for pushing the boundaries within their games and The Last of Us is no different. With one of the most engaging stories ever told, rich atmosphere, phenomenal visual and audio presentation and flawless gameplay, The Last of Us is easily the best game of 2013 so far and is an experience that should not be missed by any means. It’s the perfect sendoff letter for Naughty Dog to leave the PS3 with so that they can focus on the upcoming PS4."

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Pintheshadows1996d ago

I have to say, I gave the multiplayer a crack today and it is significantly better than I expected.

DerekFlint0071995d ago

ATTENTION -- DO NOT READ -- LF91 - COMMENT DIRECTLY BELOW - HE HAS ACCIDENTLY - left major spoiler information for those who have not played the game yet.

LF911996d ago

Love this game, I know some people don't want a sequel. But I hope we see one on ps4, with Joel and Ellie as the main characters. I still think there is more story for them to explore, also love the multiplayer. If anyone wants a game add me, LiveForever91

seepamann1996d ago

Another jaw-dropping sony's exclusive

mrmarx1995d ago

Won't get this experience on an ass box I mean xbox

Ezz20131995d ago

that's a low blow man
no need to act like that

mrmarx1995d ago

if it's not a ps3 exclusive then it's a low blow. but if it's not on xbox than it's just plain truth.. but hey they still have kinectimals

DoomeDx1995d ago

Xbox has nothing to do with this

S2Killinit1995d ago

this game will blow your mind

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The story is too old to be commented.