The Witcher 3 Producer on Open World and Next Gen: “Loading Screens Are a Passé Concept”

According to CD Projekt RED The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be a big game, and won’t interrupt exploration with those pesky loading screens that used to make us go grab a sandwich in the past. That seems to be the trend for the next generation as Executive Producer John Mamais explained.

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S2Killinit1970d ago

this will be a good addition to my PS4. I wonder if I should just play it on my PC, but then I have to upgrade my graphic card :/

Abriael1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I assume they'll pretty much look the same on all three platforms. After all CDP has always been primarily a PC dev, do I doubt they'll tone down PC to promote the new consoles like some others seem to be doing.

S2Killinit1970d ago

I hope not, I hope they try to max out every system. Well, with PC there has to be a balance because there is no end to maxing out and then no one will be able to play it hehehe

Locksus1970d ago

Nah, I'm fairly sure it'll look significantly better on PC compared to its console counterparts. The framerate is 60+ as opposed to 30 on consoles, too.
No doubt the game will look and play great on all platforms, though. I'm just going to play this game on the platform I've played TW1 and TW2 on. I'll get to import my save data :p

darkslayer2081970d ago

they have already confirmed that PC version would support 60 fps and nVIDIA phyx ,and the console would support 30 fps ..

FlyingFoxy1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Hopefully all next gen games are better optimized on PC now than they have been before, and not get poorly running ones like Crysis that run bad @ 1080p even on mid-high end cards. That newest one won't even run 60+fps on a high end card, struggle to get 40 or so, i don't play them but benchmarks show it.. that's pretty poor for such powerful graphics cards.

Let's hope Source engine 2 fares well on high end cards this time, i remember CSS & HL2 dropping as low as 20fps or so on my 6800 ultra (best card of 2004) at the time.

It's pretty sad to see games run as low frame rates as that, especially on cards at least as powerful as the consoles and in most cases more powerful. New games should run like full speed on release, 30fps or less is a joke.

thezeldadoth1970d ago

no it'll look much better on PC. disagree all you want but its true. They are primarily PC devs and respect the PC community.

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mook10221970d ago

Lets hope Bethesda are reading this and learning something.


Locksus1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I'd much rather want Bioware to read this. DA2 was a much worse game than Skyrim was.

Abriael1970d ago

They both can stand to learn some from CDP, I'd say.

Angeljuice1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I can live with bugs if it's a huge world. But I've been gaming since the 70's when every game was massively flawed, stupidly hard (and lots of fun). Honestly in the 70's and 80's it was the flaws that made the game sometimes. Check out Jetset Willie, there was a bug in that game that made it IMPOSSIBLE to finish yet it was a best seller and a highly acclaimed game.

Mr_Nuts1970d ago

I bloody hope so

I don't understand how they can have a massive map without loading screens BUT when you enter a loading screen to get into a town (fair enough) you have to go through multiple other loading screens to get into houses.

You know how blood frustrating it was to do the Thieves Guid quests to fast travel to Riften (loading screen), then go beneath the secret tomb entrance (loading screen) then go through to the next room (another loading screen) just to accept a quest.

Seriously if Bethesda are going to have loading screens for cities then at least have all the places open within that city. If they can make a massive map with loading screens I don't see why they can't have a small town with no loading screens

CLOUD19831970d ago

That's gr8 that's how open world rpgs must be these guys know what they r doing not only they create visually stunning games & real open worlds with no loading screens but they also don't afraid to put a little sex scenes here & there as their games tell mature stories who target adults not little kids, we have more than enough games for little kids adults want some maturity in their games from time to time so gamers must feel very lucky that studios like this one exist.

Neixus1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Only games i know that have no loading screens, are, jak and daxter series, uncharted series, and the last of us.
When i think about it, naughty dog have created some of the best games each gen. they also made crash bandicoot.

even tho loading times on pc are minimal, i wonder why no pc games have that feature.

TechnicianTed1970d ago

I don't know about Jak and Daxter but I'm sure Uncharted and The Last of us load while the cutscenes are playing. It's a clever way of doing it, but it's just disguising the fact that it's streaming the data.

Dark Souls is another game that doesn't have loading either. Well except for when you are invading, being summoned or fast travelling.

Metroid Prime is another example of a game with no loading screens, although they are disguised cleverly as the doors unlocking.

The Halo series is another.

There's probably quite a few more.

Neixus1969d ago

I just checked, even jak and daxter:precursor's seriers have like max 2 seconds long loading time.
atleast on the HD collection, so much fun those games =D

ninjahunter1969d ago

Lol, I find that amusing coming from CD projekt, I mean, sure they only had one loading screen on startup, and maby another when you change in game regions, but damn, Ive never seen so many "Hold on the game has to load because our streaming engine is too aggressive" screens in my life.