Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 95 "Microsoft's Epic Back Peddle"

From Pixel Apocalypse...

"It’s a bronchitis filled episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast this week as Nathan Scmidt and Joe Anello take to the airwaves to discuss Xcom: Enemy Unkown! Microsoft has instituted the most epic back peddle of all time, and the boys are not convinced it is going to be enough to save the Xbox One. Finally, both our intrepid heroes are shocked by their individual takes on the Man of Steel!"

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Software_Lover1995d ago

Maybe, next November? You guys still think we will get these blogs submitted even a year after release, like the ps3 doomed articles? It was sad then, it's even sadder now.

Aceman181995d ago

This was a great podcast.