Nintendo and E3: Game Over Before It Began?

GP writer Dominic Dimanche discusses Nintendo's different approach to announcing their newest game's at E3 2013 and whether it worked or not.

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maoleis1945d ago

I'm a huge Nintendo fanboy but since the dawn of the next gen era I have to admit recurrent disappointment.

3-4-51945d ago

You so you are disappointed. That doesn't mean the rest of us are.

Think about a year ago where the 3DS was at...

It was just started to pick up steam...slowly at first but it was starting to get good games.

We are seeing that in the 2nd half of 2013 Wii U is going to get good games.

Even more will follow in 2014.

The system sellers will be in late 2013 and throughout 2014 really. And prob some not until 2015 as well.

maoleis1943d ago

No offense intended there, just my two cents. :)

LOL_WUT1945d ago

I still don't know what Nintendo was trying to prove by not having a presentation but whatever it was it didn't work. Nintendo better have one next year ;)

SpiralTear1945d ago

The fact that they didn't have a major press conference had absolutely nothing to do with why they didn't do too well with E3.

They said that we'd get Smash Bros., Mario, Mario Kart, and Zelda, and technically we did. That's great, but we just didn't get too much else. It was mostly Nintendo just checking these promised things off a list instead of offering crazy new surprises.

They didn't need a press conference. They did what they needed to do with the Nintendo Direct. The problem is that they didn't do much else.

TXIDarkAvenger1945d ago

They announced Smash.

Wii U will be selling like crazy in 2014. This is the game that many people including myself have been waiting for. Now we just need a price cut to about $250-$300 to seal the deal. That way the gap between the price of Wii U and PS4 is quite large and will be the go to budget system.

greenlantern28141945d ago

I agree with the it needs a price cut, also needs a bigger hard drive. And will see if it sells like mad, imo a lot of the games they showed at e3 including smash where already known about and many of the people who want t those games went and got a wiiu already.

coltlokk1945d ago

This might be a silly questions but do people actually run out of space that easily? I mean the Wii U has 32 gb, while the wii had 512mb on its flashrom, and I didn't use it all up. I know the ps4 and xbox one have 500GB of space, but it all just depends on how many games you download right? I guess since Nintendo's downloadable games aren't as popular as their physical discs, you don't need as much space. Well, I dunno, have you used most of the 32gb on your wii u? Mine is mostly empty since there haven't been that many great games.

TXIDarkAvenger1945d ago


I was thinking the same thing, I never filled my Wii space. VC games don't even take much space and all Wii U games would be bought physical copies not digitally downloaded. So I don't really mind the 32 gb of space.

MoreRPG1945d ago

I like Super Mario 3D World everything else was ok. I think Nintendo has become way to predictable.

coltlokk1945d ago

I think part of the reason why it's so predictable is because of the previous directs, that kept revealing small things. I mean, was anyone predicting DK Country from Retro? I don't think many were, because no previous information was revealed. (I was personally hoping it was Metroid.)

Everyone knew a 3D mario was coming, everyone anticipated the mario kart and smash bros. The news about HD Wind Waker already came out. People knew about Pokemon X and Y. People knew about Pikmin 3. So, maybe it's not that they've become too predictable, maybe it's because nothing new came up (since everything they covered at E3 was basically already revealed). Though 3D Mario, Mario Kart, smash bros, and zelda are pretty predictable, since they are all really old ip.

A nice surprise was Monolith Soft's X. That was fun.

For MS and Sony, they kept things mostly secret until E3, so mostly every game came as surprise-ish. besides halo and sequel stuff like that.

PigPen1945d ago

Just to give out a little taste of how Nintendo is looking, here's what we know. Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Rayman: Legends and Wach Dogs (Ubisoft) are coming before the year end. Dues Ex: HRDC (Square Enix) is coming. Did Nintendo really need more then to show off its 1st games? I personally think that's amazing. Nintendo showed 1st party games Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong: TF (Nintendo). Throw in Zelda: WW HD remake (Nintendo) and there's your Christmas holiday season. For Nintendo it's Game Over, what?

coltlokk1945d ago

I agree with you. Personally, I'm actually really excited for these games. Zelda WW HD looks fabulous. Even though I have the GameCube ver. I kinda want to buy it for Wii U just to see it on my tv.

At first, i was like 3D Mario land on wii u? What? But as i thought about the multiplayer more, 3d mario world seemed a lot more exciting. I mean, it's the FIRST MULTIPLAYER 3D MARIO EVER...

I'm not too excited for Donkey Kong, but I am looking forward to Wii Fit U. haha. is that bad? There's also that sonic game coming out, that looks pretty darn good.

And there are some good games already out. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is pretty cool, and NFS Most Wanted U looks amazing.

Pikmin 3 is also coming out in August.

It's not over yet, Nintendo has good games coming out every month starting August. Can't wait for 2014 though.

PigPen1945d ago

Add Batman: Origin and Project Cars to my list and the drinks are on the house.