Rezzed - Dreamfall Chapters

More development conferences for you. Dreamfall Chapters is a game that was successfully crowd-funded on Kickstarter back in February of this year, and also smashed its asking price by almost double. It has a planned released date of November 2014.

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febreeze13257d ago

Thank god they took the combat out. It was so bad in dreamfall. Thanks for the vid.

abradley3257d ago

No problem. Its nice when you get to see the development of your favourite games, gives you the chance to put your opinion in before things get finalized.

febreeze13256d ago

Yeah it looks good so far. There's already easter eggs in this build lol. I like how he said every room you enter will have something. I hate games that have empty room after empty room. It makes the game feel empty...

abradley3256d ago

To true Febreeze1. It takes a lot of attention to detail to get rooms feeling just right. To much and they feel crammed and too little and it feels bland.

Very few games get that part of the atmosphere just right.