New demonstration movie Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

New footage of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance with characters as Spider-Man, Captain America, The Human Torch, Iron Man and many more.

During the demo a guy even says the game will have 25 hours of singleplayer gameplay.

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Has Appeared On The Xbox Store

Activision and Raven Software's 2006 action role-playing game, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, has found its way to the Xbox Store.

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LG_Fox_Brazil29d ago

Used to love this one, but X-Men Legends 1 and 2 will always be my favorites, especially Rise of Apocalypse. Would pay some good money to play it today with online multiplayer, back then I had no way to get a modem

RavenWolfx29d ago

Yeah, I loved the Legends games so much.

ZeekQuattro29d ago

I remember buying them dirt cheap on the PS4 and then a few days later I read they were delisted. I was wondering why the bundle was price so low and got my answer when that happened.

Knightofelemia29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Sad to say this is one game franchise next to the Xmen that needs a sequel. I use to play the hell out of Xmen Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Was great when my cousin had the OG Xbox play with four other people and then playing online. Great games glad to see it reappear even though I own the discs love the mechanics of this game.

Terry_B29d ago

It got a sequel..but for dumbass #reasons as a switch exclusive.

shinoff218329d ago

It looked so horrible to. They should've kept it similar to the first two.

Asplundh29d ago

Because Nintendo funded it, they did the same for Bayonetta.

Knightofelemia29d ago

I totally forgot about the Switch sequel.

MasterChief362428d ago

I thought it looked awful, but I actually fell in love with it. To this day one of my favorites on the Switch.

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jukins29d ago

Misleading. This page is whats available for people who owned the game prior to delisting.

MasterChief362428d ago

Yeah I'm kind of miffed about that headline. But the information in the article does give me a little hope. I really want to play these games on the PS5! I would assume if Activision actually is planning on relisting them on the Xbox Store, it would be relisting them on the PS Store as well?

Abnor_Mal29d ago

The first game was the best imo.

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The Best Four-Player Original Xbox Games

Remember the days of four-player couch co-op? The Wealth of Geeks team certainly does. This list brings us back to the golden years of the original Xbox with the best four-player games that were available.

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Iron Man Game Will Be Written by Squirrel Girl Writer Ryan North

EA Motive's Iron Man game will feature writing from Ryan North, the Canadian author behind The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

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RiseNShine203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

wtf? He has also written in a ton of Marvel comic books, and you quote Squirrel Girl? Click bait at its best.

Alexious202d ago

What? He is most known for Squirrel Girl. How is that clickbait?

CrimsonWing69203d ago

Is that a good thing? 🤷‍♂️

FinalFantasyFanatic202d ago

I honestly don't know since I'm only a casual Marvel fan, do people like Squirrel Girl?

autobotdan203d ago

Better have the real Mandarin in the game. No fakes