Daily Joystick Podcast Ep 119 - MS tackles Sony head on and wins

Boosty from DJ Podcasts writes "This week on the Daily Joystick Podcast we talk all about Microsoft's recent changes to their policies surrounding online check in, DRM, used games and more. You don't want to miss this weeks episode, its a cracker!"

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xHeavYx1968d ago

"MS hits a brick head first"

Godmars2901968d ago

"MS hits self with brick multiple times."

Now its fixed ;p

ZBlacktt1968d ago

"MS bricks one million of it's own users for pirated content "

NewMonday1968d ago

MS had a very different financial model based on:

- increased royalties from rising digital sales($24 profit from every 3rd party digital game vs $12 from retail share)

- no used games multiples retail sales and drives digital adoption.

- 3rd party platform preference because of system DRM leads to more exclusives.

- "always on" would increase XBL gold subscriptions.

- a large connected and monitored install base would give MS a great platform to sell targeted advertising

now all these charts and $$$ dreams have fallen apart, they did not plan for the 360 financial model but that is all what they will get.

so like Frances likes to say "it's not all party hats and [email protected]$" at MS..

.. this will impact their further 1st party investment, I will be surprised to see anything new after this initial batch of games from MS.

pixelsword1968d ago

Off topic:

It's funny how people want to say how the PS4 can't win anything because it's not out yet, but the Xbone "wins" irregardless of what moves MS makes.

On topic:

MS didn't "win", they back-peddled on their Xbone policy, which does put it on a more even footing with the PS4 since now both the PS4 and 360 are about evenly matched in terms of multiplayer services (mandatory subscription, free games); the only advantage in terms of software is the PS4's DRM policy and lack of obvious spyware.

If Sony makes the PS+ optional, they would definitely have a permanent lead all the way around.

If Microsoft can drop it's Orwellian policy, I know Sony can make PS+ optional.

xtremeimport1968d ago

lol. the title is funny.

they won what exactly?

EPiCDiNGO1968d ago

Sony bricks PS3 with its 4.45 Firmware update :(

ZBlacktt1968d ago

" XBox bricks at 54% fail rate becoming the largest in console gaming history "

Check Mate.

FrightfulActions1968d ago

I suppose we all have our concepts of 'winners' these days. Did you participate? You're a winner. Have a trophy.

ZBlacktt1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

It should say MS copies Sony and tries to catch up.

Sony listen to it's gamers and doesn't add the DRM and the 24hr online. Now MS wants everyone to think hey, we not the Devil after all.

MS plants people to clap at E3.

MS uses high end computer with highend graphic's cards at E3 to show it's games.

MS puts out the highest fail rate console in gaming history with the XBox 360.

MS uses a Blu-ray now after Sony brought it to the market 7 years ago.

Yet, we are not the Devil.

Gamers should be thanking Sony for saving the XBox one and forcing MS to drop DRM/24hr online to start with.

This is why the PS4 is outselling the X1 like it is.

Godmars2901968d ago

Think all this has to do with MS being a PC software company. Only possessed a mentality towards PCs, so now they're trying to make consoles into PCs, regardless that such actually defeats the purpose of consoles and even excludes customers.

NateCole1968d ago

Sony never planned to include DRM in the first place.

ZBlacktt1968d ago

Hence why MS did and copied Sony's lead.

Godmars2901968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

No. They have a patent.

They either didn't implement it or have left it up to publishers - to shoot themselves in the foot.

Mind you, everyone is walking into Watch Dogs - and Assassin Creed 4? - with a smile.

ZBlacktt1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Yep and the point still is, Sony said no and MS said yes.... then MS said ok, we'll go with no also since Sony did first.

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