Were the Xbox One’s original policies correct?

MMGN's iamtom thinks about why Microsoft's decision to change some choices with the Xbox One was the wrong move for the gaming industry

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ShugaCane1948d ago

To me, it looks as if they had planned everything from the beginnnig so that people would say "Hey, look ! Microsoft is such a great company that listens to people.". I wouldn't be surprised if they gradually go back to their original policies once the Xbox One is out.

WeaseL1948d ago

Yes its a bait and switch move

President1947d ago

No they were not correct, no need to debate whether it was good or not. It was plain evil and they got rid of it due to the backlash.

thorstein1947d ago

Certainly it is a bait and switch. Switch being the operative word. If it so easy to turn off the DRM, what is to stop them from turning it right back on?

Wintersun6161948d ago

Oh come on, that's just ridiculous. MS isn't the purest company around, but that's just stupid. I mean Ancient Aliens stupid.

If they had actually planned something like that, they would've told about the policy changes at E3 for a huge momentum boost.

MariaHelFutura1947d ago

Hey, Ancient Aliens has some great information and theories, mixed w/ some coocoo modern abduction type alien theories (which can be ridiculous). All in all they show some great locations and structures along the way, that deserve to be looked at regardless.

B1663r1947d ago

They were trying to get you more games on disk. Now you will get fewer games on disk, as publishers opt out of disk based distribution...

Silly gameAr1947d ago

Ever heard of Day 1 Digital? I'm sure if people wanted to release their games digitally, they could. It's good having options though, and MS tried to limit those options. I'm glad it backfired.

georgeenoob1947d ago

Oh, so NOW they're correct. Fanboys hate MS no matter what they do.

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fattyuk1947d ago

Am I the only one who think its a completly stupid article?

WalterWJR1947d ago

Yes we had another one earlier saying "don't bully kinect"

Apparently Kinect is now a 13 year old teenager, has feelings and is not immune from those bad Bullys.

crazysammy1947d ago

Maybe its so advanced it has feelings now. Maybe it wears eyeliner and cuts itself while listening to Fall Out Boy.


supaflypriest1947d ago

I would have been ok with the drm if they would have also modified the pricing structure of all games to $30 and just eliminated all used games completely. This would have justified the changes imo...

crazysammy1947d ago

I don't agree with you 100%, but yes for the digital market to take a firm hold there has to be pricing changes and policy changes. It will happen eventually because of technology, but MS tried to force it too early and we all saw what happened.

Agent_00_Revan1947d ago

The only reason why this has even become a topic of discussion is because of the family share plan. That is the one positive people are bitter over losing.

crazysammy1947d ago

And if you believe the rumor mill of that posting that was found online, that program was actually not very good anyway.

I don't understand this recent flip of a minority of XB1 fans trying to say that its bad that everything switched. Its crazy talk to me. MS backing off those anti consumer practices was great for ALL GAMERS!

rainslacker1947d ago

No doubt. Can anyone recall DRM ever being praised before MS wanted to use it on the Xbox One? Just sad...especially since the sharing plan didn't necessarily have anything to do with the DRM.

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