PS4 or Xbox One - Whataya Buyin?

With the E3 dust settling, people are starting to take their stands on which console to buy, PS4 or Xbox One. Some love Xbox One, others PS4, and both sides have their reasons. Unfortunately most people just can not afford both at launch and so are forced to chose a side, even if they have no horse in this race. So what are we buying? Well I asked the team to tell me which system appealed to them the most and why. And, even though LevelSave is a family, families have disagreements.

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Intentions1946d ago

Both, the game bundles will determine which one i'll get first tho.

Extra information:
Not getting either at launch
Waiting for bundles eg: 2 controllers + 2 games.
Depending on what games, then that would be the first console ill get.

Kanzes1946d ago

PS4 first because it's cheaper, then Xbox One so I can still play Halo

1946d ago
Kanzes1946d ago

Halo 4 is still good, Maybe it's not great as Halo 3 or Reach, but it's still fun

And I expect more Gears of War and The Last Guardian too for next-gen :)

georgeenoob1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I was gonna buy both, but now just the Xbox since there's no more drm.

Do you really expect a next-gen halo to be so similar to halo 4?

SonyWarrior1946d ago

im getting ps4 with: psn+, watchdogs, BF4, Order 1886.

sobekflakmonkey1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

All seriousness aside...that title "Whataya Buyin?", who laughed out loud at that? because I did, I loved that in RE4, that merchant guy was ACE!

But yeah, I already Pre-ordered my PS4 and everything, I live right next to a mall and there's an EB Games(Canadian Gamestop), a Best Buy and a Future Shop, as well as a target, pre-ordered at EB though, gonna hit that up for the midnight launch!

HammadTheBeast1946d ago

Public service message. Not even half of the PS4 first year exclusives have been shown off yet.

abzdine1946d ago

PS4 all the way!
i don't support capitalist bastards so they're not gonna get a cent from me! maybe used in 5 years!

NukaCola1946d ago

PS4. I've been enjoying Sony consoles since 1996 and I've never been disappointed.

X1 is now back on the table with the changes, however $500 and their extra fees are still a NO for me.

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AngelicIceDiamond1946d ago

Haven't made my decision yet. Still waiting on games and more details on each console

Spontogical1945d ago

I'm getting the PS4 first. Definitely not at launch anymore though. There is just nothing really that special about the new consoles apart from prettier graphics right now.

Xbox One, maybe at the end of the generation when Kinect is not included/dropped. I might just avoid the XBOne on principle like I did the 360 simply because of MS's methods/ways of handling things.

Time will tell.

reef10171946d ago

Sir I disagree... it should be a 30 pack and a ps4

AngelicIceDiamond1946d ago

I disagree, the last thing you wanna do is puke all over your shiny new console.

Heisenburger1946d ago

Lol they disagree.

"No my good sir, that is the very FIRST thing I wish to do with my shiny new console."

Kingthrash3601946d ago

I hear thats what they are gunna do to the xb1, buy it, play it, then puke all over it in buyers remorse.

ChipdiddyChip1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I am getting both but if I had to choose one, it would be xbox one due to the fact the games they showcased at e3 were more enticing for me than the ps4 games.

jon12341946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

thank you!

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Kanzes1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Yes, I really can't wait to play Halo in 1080p 60fps, Titanfall multiplayer, and Minecraft One Edition with my friends.

HammadTheBeast1946d ago

And I'll be doing all that on my PC! Good luck.

Mainsqueeze1946d ago

you will be playing the new halo on your pc?

HammadTheBeast1945d ago

I don't really care or even like Halo anymore, they're breaking it every year, last good Halo was 3 and last Great Halo was 2.

aceitman1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I expect ms to show the same games while sony shows more new ones at gamescon its another big one for sony at the uk a couple new ips and lbp3 god of war redemption , uncharted 4 , while the Tokyo game show will bring the last guardian and a couple rpgs. maybe ms will show something but I just have this feeling that they let everything out from the backlash they got on mays showing. but for me is ps3 , I think its the safe point , and im a little skeptical on ms developing the x1 in 3 years time .

abzdine1946d ago

do you think all games will be available day one? do you guys have a brain to think?
Do you also think about Sony only showed their US games? all this without Uncharted and God of War!!!
Gamescom will be about PS4 exclusives again, and this time they will be coming from Euro studios.. same goes for TGS in september!

You wanna get X1? Fine!! but you are getting nothing more than 3 exclusives day one! they've only shown CG trailers how can you say " it would be xbox one due to the fact the games they showcased at e3"
this is one brainless statment

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GreenRanger1946d ago

PlayStation 4, and a packet of M&M's.

Heisenburger1946d ago

There is only one question left then....

What type of M&M's?