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Michael Engle: I bought a PS3 specifically for The Last of Us. After all of the hype, going this long into a console generation without owning all three systems, and coupled by the fact that I am a connoisseur of all things zombies, I figured I owed Sony's swan song a try. I don't regret my decision at all. The Last of Us is truly the next step toward what the future of gaming looks like. I feel as though this peek into the future is Naughty Dog's magnum opus. It's a game that has dramatically improved and seamlessly integrated story telling driven by gameplay. We've come a long way since the original Half-Life. The first game I purchased with my PS3 was the original Uncharted. The leaps and bounds in terms of quality and innovation are like comparing Joel to Drake. Joel is a union of character complexity and motivations, while Drake is a two-dimensional dumbass you'd like to get a beer with.

I have to say that 2013 has already been one hell of year to be a gamer. If Watch Dogs and the new consoles are going to be the cherry on the top of our Awesome Year Sundae, The Last of Us is all of the dankest of toppings.

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edwineverready3744d ago

just finished this game and i was blown away. it is the best game i have ever played, and i have been gaming since pong.

SoapShoes3744d ago

I agree, it was an amazing experience. Puts Dead Island and its original trailer to shame...

caseh3744d ago

Ahh you can't compare it with Dead Island. For all its faults, Dead Island was a great bit of fun especially co-op online.

I have Last of Us collecting dust at the moment, need to find spare time to give it a once over. :)

ltachiUchiha3744d ago


The 1st 15 minutes of the last of us craps all over dead islands whole series lol. Thanx for trying though.

caseh3744d ago


Read what I said again.

I never said Dead Island was better and why compare Dead Island to Last of Us? Completely f*cking random comparison really isn't it.

I'm just stating, Dead Island is a fun game and the two are vastly different.

bratman3744d ago


"I have Last of Us collecting dust at the moment"

seeing as it has only been out for a week, you must have a really dusty room :P

caseh3744d ago


Well I managed to get it the day before it released, played about 3 hours and not had time to hop onto the PS3 again since.

Its currently settled in front of the TV, effectively collecting dust. :P

ltachiUchiha3744d ago


You can say that most games can be considered fun but to say dead islands co op is fun & say the last of us is sitting there collecting dust is bs. Even the multiplayer in the last of us is better then the campaign for dead island. Dead island reminds me of dead rising but the zombies in dead island are more aggressive. They both suck story wise but fun if your a zombie lover. I think state of decay is better then both dead rising & dead island. Just my opinion though.


I have bought Dead Island in STeam sale, tried it and now it is colelcting Dust on STEAM, the game has no fun at all compared to... let's say L4D1&2 let alone The Last Of Us !

infamousinfolite3744d ago


I would have been better if hadn't said "I have Last of Us collecting dust" most people try to play it again or at least not say that.

Lovable3743d ago

I read somewhere that Dead Island creator was aiming for what the Last of US did when it comes to narrative. Well we all know how it went...

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stage883744d ago

This gam deserves no less than a 10.

I genuinely feel sorry for those that will never play this.

HarryMasonHerpderp3743d ago

I know what you mean.
The fanboys disagreeing with everyone that says positive things about The Last Of Us and all of the fanboys that secretly want to play it are really missing out. I'm not just saying that either, I honestly advise all of you to put the fanboy inside you aside and play this game.
Everyone should experience this masterpiece.

Benjammin253744d ago

My favourite game ever. If you love Survival Horror games, buy it. If you love Action Adventure games, buy it. If you love stealth games, buy it. It just gets everything so bloody right, and Joel and Ellie are easily my two favourite videogame characters ever. Hell it's even worth buying for the first ten minutes alone. I thought there was no way it would live up to the hype after Bioshock Infinite dissapointed me. But man, it exceeded my expectations in every way. And now ill pipe down as I've said all I wanted to. :)

Game0N3744d ago

Great score but you bought a ps3 for this game? So you missed out on all the amazing exclusives that have come out since?