Xbox One Winning on Multiplayer Features?

Now that Microsoft has established a set of policies that are identical to Playstation 4′s DRM and Used game policy, we can now begin to compare and highlight features that stand out for each console. It is hard to argue with the fact that Xbox Live has been a very popular service for millions of gamers throughout the years.

The service that moved a connected community forward is getting a lot better with the next gen Xbox One.

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Septic1970d ago

This is where Microsoft can really shine. They've been ahead of the curve traditionally when it comes to the online gaming arena and with 300k servers and more dedicated servers, if they do keep their promise, the X1 can quickly become the online gamer's console of choice.

But Sony are definitely not the dinosaurs they once were when it came to online playand whilst rthey might not have the deep pockets Microsoft have, they have the mikes of Mike Cerny at the helm who will no doubt be pushing for improvements online too.

It's too early to tell which one will be better in terms of the service. Only upon the consoles release will we be able to gauge the merits of both systems.

Kanzes1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yeah, from 15k to 300k servers is an enormous amount.

jimbobwahey1970d ago

The thing is however, that I think Microsoft are lying. They're not a very truthful company and I have trouble believing their claims about Xbox Live servers, much like I do with their Cloud marketing nonsense.

300k dedicated servers? That won't even be enough to provide dedicated servers for every person who plays COD Ghosts when it launches, so how is it going to provide dedicated servers to the entire XBL userbase, exactly? The service has what, 45+ million subscribers? 300k servers isn't going to do a very good job of eliminating peer-to-peer gaming, is it?

Remember when Epic stated that Gears of War 3 would have dedicated servers? Yeah, ended up being lies. I remember playing that game and being booted when the hosts would quit matches. If they were really using dedicated servers, there wouldn't have been a host at all.

Now Microsoft is claiming 300k servers will be dedicated for the XBL userbase? I don't believe that for a second, and I'd advise people to think about their claims (and history of lying) and analyze them with a sensible, level mind before buying into their marketing talk.

Geezus1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

@jimbobwahey you obviously dont understand how servers work theres more to it than this and its more complicated than the following but just to help u understand understand at 45 mill xbl users divided by 300k servers thats 150 people per server and seeing that 45 mill people wont be all playing xbox live at the same time that number decreases significantly even then these server are powerful and can each handle that amount of people easily. once again thats not exactly how it will work but yeah dude your underestimatting the power of the serverzzzzzz the cloud is the future and that why these insanely rich companies like amazon and google and microsoft are investing heavily in servers for cloud computing. and no MS is not lying microsoft's servers are real andl they own a sh-- ton of them.

thehitman1970d ago

@Geezus your perfectly right in almost everything you said but 1 fact remains hidden. Just how powerful are each of the 300k? Nobody knows that information. Now im not doubting M$ has obtain a very powerful server cluster BUT for all the things they have planned with them it seems like a bit much. They want to use them as computation power in games and dedicated servers? Doing that with millions of games I dont care how you slice it will be taxing on the servers they would need to double their servers within the first 1-2 years to keep up. MS is doing a bit too much promising on server and cloud computing where I think they are setting themselves up for a disaster.

Urusernamesucks1969d ago

@thehitman well they did invest about 9 billion $ on these servers, so id say They're pretty Powerful.

Geezus1970d ago

@hitman your right they are overshooting a bit and probably wont deliver on all their promises ( like every company has done since the begging of time) , but the notion of having 300000 servers dedicated to just the xbox online experience is insane and will go along way to making the online experience on the xbox one reliable, efficient, and fast basically the best mp experience available. Ms has always done online well going back to the original xbox and the One wont be any different and this is an area where sony and the ps4 cant touch Ms. As they will have to really on p2p servers for the mp experience unless the game itself has dedicated servers ala Bf4 or unless they are willing to pay some of these other companies like amazon and google for the right to use their servers not saying sony has bad mp or that ps+ isn't a excellent service because it is but xbl has always been more reliable and powerful of the two gaming consoles going back to the og xbox.

thehitman1970d ago

A lot of Sony first party games actually had dedicated servers such as Res:Fom, warhawk and a few others. They do own Gaikai which I am sure can compete w/ MS servers easily. The entire question is how the servers are being put to use and I think Sony will focus more on bringing games through the cloud while MS is trying to enhance gaming through the cloud which I believe wont end well. All in all I think all games should have dedicated servers for competitive matchmaking play. It is good that MS is trying to achieve that, but it is not something they are doing alone Sony has the same resources that MS does so this shouldnt be over blown.

LackTrue4K1970d ago

So let me get this right. With the reputation system, how does it know if you are cursing people out, etc.? Does that mean that the game records everything that I am saying >.> So now there is no privacy WHATSOEVER. You have the XB1 recording what you are saying and the Kinect watching you and knowing everything you are doing....

spaceback20121969d ago

People can report you for being abusive - Kinect is not monitoring your cuss words... -_-

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CrimsonTideAdam1970d ago

Will Xbox 360 players be able to play with Xbox One players in multiplayer?

chuckyj11970d ago

That will be on a game by game basis. I would guess no for most games, but there maybe some that will allow cross (Xbox One and Xbox 360) play.

GamerzElite1970d ago

No they can't see the XBox support ans pic below

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ZBlacktt1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Hell, if it's not already a Multi Platform game. Everything else is exclusive to Sony that's most popular. That and Sony has Destiny and Watch_Dogs exclusive content which is multi play... Share button, free cross game chat now... The Xbox people should be be happy Sony forced MS to pull it's DRM and 24hr online. Otherwise, the X1 would have been a super flop.

At 1:16 he says you can go watch tv. I busted out laughing thinking yep XBox One.

Sitdown1970d ago

I don't understand why that's funny.....instead of being stuck watching the match finding screen, you have the option, among other things, to watch TV until your game is ready.

ZBlacktt1970d ago

Tv, tv, tv, sports, sports, sports, tv. Television tv, tv.

Given all the upgrades the PS4 will have over the PS3. Gamers there too will not just be sitting there.

Utalkin2me1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

My lord how long does it take to find a match? My tv has picture in picture and also i have my PC setting right next to my console screen so i can do whatever is needed from that spot.

I can plug my Astros input jack in to my headphone jack of my PC and listen to TV while i play multiplayer or cue up a playlist or whatever.

irepbtown1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I can just press a button on the remote and watch TV right now while playing or waiting for a game.

What makes X1's different from that?

Almost forgot, I can also split my TV in half; watch TV and play a game at the same time.

Sitdown1970d ago

You all probably think you are in the majority too huh? Can you also currently play a game on your current console while match making is performed in the background?

Whoever said ps4 would just be sitting around? Simply addressing the live TV point.

Can take a while depending on how restricted your match requirements are.

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