Kickstarter JRPG Soul Saga: Episode 1 Has Hit Wii U Goal

Nintendo World Report: ''Soul Saga: Episode 1, an RPG on Kickstarter that claims to be inspired by classic Playstation JRPGs, will be coming to Wii U next year.''

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PopRocks3591996d ago

Awesome. The more games the merrier.

Relientk771996d ago

This game looks great

definitely a fan of classic PlayStation JRPGs

gamer421996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

The title is misleading, they only set a wii u stretch goal and is only half way in funding the actual game.
EDIT: It should be "Kickstarter JRPG Soul Saga: Episode 1 Sets Wii U Goal"

Dj7FairyTail1995d ago

Todd Haberkorn voices Mithos. Todd also voices Natsu from Fairy Tail
Kira Buckland voices Elise. Kuroyukihime in Accel World

YES These Voice Actors works