Call of Duty 4 Map Pack Screens got their hands on nine new screens from the upcoming map pack to be released in April.

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Sony sucks balls3860d ago

I can't wait to be on psn April 3rd and play those new maps ! Oh man it's gonna be great. Right guys ? April 3rd psn you'll all be there right ? Playing the brand new Call of Duty 4 maps right ? PSN 4/3/08. Just kidding guys but seriously can't wait to play them on XBOX LIVE !!.

fenderputty3860d ago

I mean ... wow ... 3 weeks is a long time. That's like 3/4 of a month. What the hell is a PS fan to do?

Sony sucks balls3860d ago

I'm guessing you'll have to wait like always. I guess that blu ray will come in handy after all. If xbox owners had to wait we would be hearing the same stuff so deal with it PILLOW BITERS !!! Don't worry i'll be sure to take a break and let you ladies know how the maps are.

rev203860d ago

I wont be getting them for a while they are coming out far too close to the release of GTA4 on the ps3.

So might grab them eventually unless haze is actually decent then i wont bother

fenderputty3860d ago

This is going to be awesome.

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