This Tiny $99 Android Game Console Wants To Destroy PS4 And Xbox One

Ouya hopes its cheaper cube-shaped console will prevail over the long-established gaming triumvirate's pricier hardware. The new device has more than 150 free-to-try games, media features such as Flixster and radio service TuneIn, and an open ecosystem built on Google's Android operating system.

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Relientk771969d ago

I have zero interest in getting a Ouya, and I dont think the Ouya even has a chance. Hardcore gamers aren't gonna buy it, they're gonna buy PS or Xbox, which are 4x and 5x the price.

I'm buying PS4 and that's $300 more

ChickeyCantor1969d ago

"Hardcore gamers aren't gonna buy it"

You honestly think they are aiming this at "hardcore" gamers?

shivvy241968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

i dont see the point of ouya , we have adroid tabs/phones for that ! and theres not too omany great games

Kurylo3d1968d ago

Sadly, casual gamers already have this console.. its called a phone or tablet. So causual and hardcore are out. Whose left? Geeks who dont own pcs already? lol. Its a good try... respect that, but so far i see no real marketing for it nor do i see a reason to have one if i have a tablet or smart phone. I mean lets face it. Tablet and smartphone tech has already gone past this "console". I mean its stuck on tegra 3, tegra 4 will be out soon enough lol.. hell tegra 5 will soon enough. Tegra 2 and 3 seemed like a stepping stone to greater things.

Donnieboi1969d ago

Without the ability to play discs and have used games, most stores won't carry it. So it has no chance, just based on that point alone.

Also, it is just an android on the TV. The games are mostly free, not many are premium games, so quality is not guaranteed. MANY are micro-transaction games, meaning it is P2W = "Pay-To-Win". Difficulty in those games are not challenging--they are outright unfair and unbeatable/unplayable due to the fact that u must pay microtransactions in order to win. They suck u in and make it easy at first, then make it impossible to win later.

Not fun.

So these factors (plus the crappy graphics card and lack of support) will see to it that the Ouya stays as a novelty item, at best.

nick3091969d ago

You cant trade mobile games since forever+ mobile games sale easily because they are cheaply priced. Multiply 99 cents times millions. Yea i know mobile games arent what hardcore gamer wanna play but there is tons of casual players.

gamer421969d ago

Do you honestly think casuals are remotely interested in the Ouya? Why play phone games when they can play those on your phone? Your phone is more accessible than the Ouya and the games will probably look better on a smaller screen than on your t.v. The only thing remotely interesting about it is it's emulator, and even then only a few people will buy just for that.

Baka-akaB1968d ago

Seriously who are you kidding ? Casual gamers have access to simpler and cheaper means to play games .

Hell Casual means they wont even know about the ouya's existence

Heartnet1968d ago

Most game stores will stock a few i think and im sure they can make a deal with google to stock android gift cards that would fun this

Donnieboi1968d ago

GAME UK promised to stock a few. No one else did. Maybe Amazon, but with no advertising, how will casuals even find Ouya on Amazon, among the billions of other items (whether gaming or not) that are already vying for their attention on Amazon?

StockpileTom1968d ago

Retailers carry disk based games as something to get people into their doors. They make very little profit margins off the games themselves and instead get most profit off of hardware and accessories.

Used games however is a different story completely as those do net them HUGE profit margins and every retailer now is wanting a piece of that.

If they can get a high enough profit margin off the Ouya to justify the footprint on the shelves then they just might carry it. I think it will likely have many of those dumb mobile games on it but I also think that the intent is to be a more open platform experiment.

Support from small developers is part of what made this thing happen in the first place. With Sony allowing self publishing on the PS Store I have to wonder if all of them will flock to Sony and try to take their shot with the big boys of the industry.

The excitement for the Ouya was high at first from a small developer standpoint... even I was mildly interested but now all I can do is sigh and move on. Retail or not I don't see this coming even remotely close to what it takes to "Destroy PS4 and Xbox One."

DJMarty1969d ago

LOL, not in a million years

T21968d ago

Wow ive had android for five years not one game ive played longer than a couple weeks

Heartnet1968d ago

Tbh a couple of weeks on one game is quite a long time...

GreenRanger1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

The only thing this thing is going to destroy is crap, I can't think of anything...

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