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Gamertag Radio recorded this roundtable discussion about PC vs Next Gen Consoles. Thoughts?

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Transporter471947d ago

PC cost of a decent video card 249.99 now add the rest of the computer like CPU you want a decent one costs 199.99 now add the motherboard, ram, case, power supply, dvd drive or blu ray drive. you're already around 600+ Next gen console 399.99/499.99 enough said.

If you can afford PC get one and get a next gen console those exclusive console only games are worth it.

Psychotica1947d ago

PC is lot more cost effective since you can do more than just play games. For example I make a living with mine AND I play games, my gaming console does nothing but cost me money.

konnerbllb1947d ago

Are you that neighbors aunt that everyone talks about online who makes something like $89 per hour from home on their computer?

windblowsagain1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Of course computers do more, that's what they are there for.

But this is about gaming isn't it.

I have a decent PC, but many of the games i want are not on it.

This same shit is every gen. lol.

I love my PC, but games wise. If it were gone. It would not bother me.

Console's get all exclusives, and multiplats.

There main difference was 30-60fps, higher rez.

This time that isn't going to be a problem.

Calling BF3 a disaster on Console was silly. Of course less players etc, but it was decent.

Kurylo3d1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Fact is most people need to own a pc in this day and age. No matter what. So to fork over an extra $100 to make it a gaming pc really aint all the match. Espeacially when all all the AAA games are like $5 during the holidays on pc. A lot more cost affective. I got both batman games for $5 and $7. Got every assassins creed game for $5 each. Got deus ex for $5.. i mean the list goes on.

This generation is the generation of multiplatform since the architecture is identical basically. Even kojima says metal gear solid will probably be pc. Unless you got a hardon for halo, pc will have more games this gen at higher quality then both consoles.

Not to mention that decent gpu is not $249.99. Lets put it this way. The same GPU that the new ps4 has is about $130 on From that point upgrade as far as u want beyond that if u got the money. Cpu on newegg also around $100, mother board and memory combo for another $100, and a decent power supply $50-$100. All and all same price for the new xbox. Take it for what it is. If you need a computer in your home anyway, why not make it worth it. You dont need an xbox in your home.

PS, if you cant build a pc, Best Buy geek squad will for cheap, you just bring the parts to them.

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Linwelin1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

decent video card 249.99 wait what ?

HD7850 £150
i5 CPU £170
case £30
ram £40
motherboard £80
HDD £50
PSU £35
DVD-rom £10
mouse keyboard £10

total £575

not that much more for a really decent PC that can be upgraded when needed, all them parts you can get online, you can build a PC even cheaper if you go AMD route too! all this crap about PC's costing way too much is rubbish! unless you have no idea what you are doing.

Then add in that we can get games 50% cheaper than consoles = WIN for PC how do people not see this lol

Transporter471947d ago

Yup in the US that's $885.5 but w.e

I_am_Batman1947d ago

I agree with your point. However it's funny that a lot of PC gamers list specs like these when it comes to price point but compare the console games to games running on high end PCs.

Consoles are more efficient when it comes to games and PCs are way more versatile.

hiredhelp1947d ago

Where you get some them prices.
PSU £35 errr keep well away no deent PSU range from £70 UP
Case £30. Sure if you want acrylic cheap rubbish cases.
Motherboards can vary in prices from M ATX, to ATX standard

Linwelin1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )


OCZ do a PSU for £35 next up is an XFX + Corsair, i have no idea where you are getting £70 for a PSU from, 450 to 600w is all you need, anything more than that is pointless for running a single card, and btw XFX PSU's are made by seasonic best PSU money can buy (arguably)

Case for £30 yes Bitfenix do a smashing case for 30 quid Bitfenix merc and alpha + Beta.

motherboard ATX £80 i know coz i paid that for mine, as i paid the same for all the other parts (actually got my i5 cheaper on amazon £150 + i paid £25 for 8gig memory (price of memory has doubled lately)

elhebbo161947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Even if I'm poor I would wait a while longer until I saved up more money (at least 1k) to have a stronger future proofed rig. If your not the type of person who goes shopping a soon as they get there paycheck then saving up is not that hard.

sobekflakmonkey1946d ago

yeah...but uhh...all that wont max out newer games, especially like Max Payne 3 or Crysis 3 and other newer games, to run AAA titles on PC costs a lot more than that.

Kurylo3d1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Correction to max out games costs more... to run and look better then even enxt gen consoles.. actually costs less then this guys specs.. people. Check the prices there. Im not stating this crap to be some "elitest". Its not a contest. I'm stating it to help people out.

Unless there is some specific game you need to spend $400 or $500 then get a console. Otherwise 90% of the games are multiplatform at e3.

Linwelin1946d ago

I have a HD5770 and it still runs everything i have thrown at it (i am due an upgrade soon) non PC people seem to think you need the best of everything to play a game on PC, well you don't. A HD7850 will play everything and look amazing!

And like i said you could go the AMD route and get a HD7950 options options options :D

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dedicatedtogamers1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

"they develop the better graphics on PC because the community on PC is bigger. If it wasn't, why don't they develop for consoles and then port to PC?"

Okay, first of all, a lot of companies do exactly that. Second of all, it's false equivalence to say "since the companies are putting better graphics on PC, it must mean that the community is better on PC". Nope. Nope x1,000.

Anyway, it all boils down to preference, but there's nothing more annoying than a PC-only elitist.

I love strategy games, indie games, FPSs, western RPGs, and stuff like that, so I own a PC.

I also love platformers, TPSs, Japanese RPGs, racing games, motion-controlled games, and stuff like that, so I own consoles.

People who try to bring PC into next-gen console arguments are like those idiot tech websites who write an article once per week about how the iPhone and iPad are going to kill dedicated handheld gaming forever.

Jon_Smackenrow1947d ago

Did she just say that PC has a larger community than Console gaming? The reason why Game company launch pc games is because every game starts off as a PC game. All video games are all made on PCs.

Second Red Dead, how's that PC game.

As for PC elitism, Shut up. You guys complain and boast more then you actually play games.

WalterWJR1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

PC & PS4

New consoles will push for greater graphics which is the only problem for PC gamers, waiting for the power to be unleashed.
There are two games on PC now which are next gen, Crysis 3 and the new metro.

hellvaguy1946d ago

Group your console with a pc for more hits. Too obvious and desperate for hits.

steven83r1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

To be fair in a PC vs Console discussion about Graphic/Power what have you. It is only fair to compare PC with similar specs and can never be upgraded. So when people compare PC to PS3 its not a fair battle. Compare a PC with 512mb RAM and PS3 CPU specs and never upgrade it and see what the graphics look like. That is like comparing a Muscle Car that you constantly hook up to another one that remains factory stock and you say yours is faster....Well no shit.

Linwelin1946d ago

not are fault you cant upgrade your console :P

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