Kingdom Hearts 3: The King Has Return and I'm Pumped

Why Kingdom Hearts means so much to gamers and why the announcement of the third installment will get me back into the franchise.

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GodlyPanda1171947d ago

Can't describe the feeeeels I had when I saw the announcement during E3!

colonel1791947d ago

Me too!! This was the ONLY announcement I wanted of E3. I had just finished 3D and it was awesome. However, I'm dying to play Birth by Sleep, but I can't get a PSP anywhere!!

Capt-FuzzyPants1947d ago

I'm sure they will release a second collection before KH3. But just in case they don't DO NOT play KH3 without beating all of Birth By Sleep. Piecing together KH DDD's stroy must've been difficult without playing BBS.

colonel1791947d ago

Yeah I had to read a lot of spoilers from Birth by Sleep, which most of them came in KH 3D. But I've heard that BBS has the best gameplay mechanics, and according to GameExlplain, they might use some of them in KH3. Also, it seems that it has the best story so far, so even spoiled, I really want to play it.

I guess it would be like reading a manga, then watching the anime.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1947d ago

It will be canceled on the PS4 and put on the PS5 anyway. It's going to be the same thing that happened to FFvs13 and you'd be delusional if you believe otherwise.

1947d ago
solidt121947d ago

Dude they showed Gameplay at E3. It's coming out on PS4.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1947d ago

They showed gameplay for Versus quite a few years back too. It means very little.

GGNMugen1947d ago

Agreed. KH3 will be out for the PS4. Square Enix would not announce the game at E3, only to have it be delayed until the PS5. Hell, I considered your entire comment a big troll lol.

CrossingEden1946d ago

umm, you do remember them announcing FFXV almost eight years ago right?

GGNMugen1946d ago

I do remember it but there were also issues surrounding that game which hindered it from being released. I'll put it like this; I believe we will see BOTH FFXV and KH3 for the next-gen systems for sure. There's no way Square Enix can afford to skip out on two console generations.

GGNMugen1947d ago

To everyone else, after the 1.5 HD Remix comes out in September, there will be a 2.5 and most likely will include Birth By Sleep along with KH2 Final Mix

no_more_heroes1947d ago

I knew this was what Nomura was gonna show the moment he said he had something else to show. I knew it 100%. When I saw that Disney logo pop up, I just said "Finally" in a soft, relaxed tone of voice.

Then I went "from piano to fortissississimo" with every subsequent repetition of the word until the trailer ended.

Oh yeah, I went full retard.

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