New Shots From Untold Legends PS3

Untold Legends Dark Kingdom seems to be shaping up as a beautiful Action/RPG in the PS3 launch lineup, here are the latest screens.

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InMyOpinion5889d ago

C'mon m8, that does'nt look good. Games like Motorstorm, GOW, Resistance and Halo 3 look amazing, this looks crappy.

Daytona5889d ago

I do think that this game could be fun though, we'll have to wait and see.

I'm an obvious Xbox 360 fan and I believe it will win this next gen.of gaming but I think the ps3 will have some great games too. We have a new era of gaming upon us and it's going to make for some crazy cool stuff. Man, I can't wait.

The competiton is going to make for some awesome advances. I just hope the Wii is able to hold on. I think it will start strong but may fall back quickly once it's slightly better than Gamecube graphics are seen.

But, good luck to all I say.

zypher5889d ago

this game looks quite a bit better than when Sony originally showed it. not the epitome of what i'd consider next-gen graphics, but a fun, solid looking launch title nevertheless. if i were getting my PS3 on Nov. 17, i'd actually consider picking this game up along with RFOM. but since i'm waiting till Feb. or March to get my PS3, Untold Legends may get swallowed in the excitement of Lair, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm etc.

kmis875888d ago

It seems like just a next gen Champions of Norrath. Nothing real new, but just a next gen version of those type of dungeon crawler games. People that were big fans of those games (my little brother) might pick this up, but I think I'll save $60 and get something a bit more interesting. Maybe if the reviews are good, I'll pick it up if it goes greatest hits.

CAPS LOCK5888d ago

definatly an improvement. the game looks like a cross between guild wars and world of warcraft. i like the differences and the variations of the enviroments.

this game actually looks good, i am suprised as how its been beffed up.

ASTAROTH5888d ago

not compared to other games, but compared to other games in the same genre and how much this game has improved since first showing. These kind of games are extremely fun. This presents great and sometimes amazing graphics again for its type of genre. So guys, the best games are not only the FPS, figthing, racing, GTA things. There are a lot of funny genres that the casual gamer just dont play. Too BAD!