Used Games Are Not The Problem With The Video Games Industry

This opinion piece here is in response to this video that was recommended for me to watch that supported the abolishment of used video games. They also argued that games can not be compared to DVDs, music or any of those formats for various reasons. I’ve watched the whole video and here is my response on why used games are not the problem. - LazyTechGuys

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fattyuk3258d ago

No Microsoft are the problem.

Cam9773258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

You really do have a point though. They lie, they put money before the consumer and put a higher price tag on cheaper hardware (showing they really want money). I honestly think MS' former used game negativity came from lack of exclusives (so they weren't making as much money as say, Sony). They buy time-based content too, this is the worst thing and done to make up for lack of exclusive games.

B1663r3258d ago

Well and there will be far fewer console exclusives this gen as well. They will also be most heavily affected by policies to blunt the resale value of games...

Gaming1013258d ago

lol of course Msoft wants money, they're a business not a charity. Executives want a bigger bonus, and how do they get that? Bring the company more profits, that's how.

cleft53257d ago

Exactly, had I known Microsoft would pull this drm bs I would have never brought a 360. They reverted their policies for now but it is clear what they have in mind. I want nothing to do with that company and outside of buying the HD remake of Fable, provided it's good, I will not be buying anymore games for the 360 and I am done paying for xbox live.

3-4-53257d ago

Trash games and shovelware are the problem.

One group of people make a good game and instead of coming up with their own idea, people just copy.

There isn't much originality or creativity in the industry in terms of the people making the games.

Sure they can program good and make the game bug free, but their ideas are narrow minded and gimmicky at best because they aren't open thinkers.

Too much of this in the industry and it just waters down otherwise good genres.

crazysammy3258d ago

This is a great article. I had not seen the video he references from Total Biscuit so I watched that before reading this post and he makes some valid points. Game and in the US here GameStop are being too aggressive when it comes to used games. However the used game market is not just about buying, its about selling. Many people only buy new games however they still SELL old games to get those new ones. A point TB overlooked in his video.

steven83r3258d ago

Used games aren't the problem. A short campaign is. I don't want to spend $60 pre tax on a game with 7 hours of gameplay, sure there's multiplayer but i prefer single player even in FPS. I would never buy BF4, Killzone SF, COD if they were only multiplayer games. The campaign is what get's you interested in the game for the most part. Besides it's not like Gamestop is selling used games at a steal. They are crooks and never understood how people are willing to pay 54.99 for the used copy and not 59.99 for the new one. Used should always be under $50.

B1663r3258d ago

It doesn't matter what you want. The publishers now set the pricing and distribution policy for both Sony and Microsoft.

The main reason that download edition of ~some~ games will be discounted is to blunt the resale value of the disk based games.

ShaunCameron3258d ago

No it's not. Most SP campaigns back then were barely half as long as today's short SP campaigns for virtually the same price, with little extra content. If anything today's games have way more content.

<A short campaign is. I don't want to spend $60 pre tax on a game with 7 hours of gameplay,>

B1663r3258d ago

The article makes a mistake... Disk based games will not be an option. They were going to be an option, but Microsofts efforts to limit used game sales failed.

What you will see in the coming generation is that only Triple A block busters get released on disk. Everything else will be download only.

Another thing that you will see is games that are download timed exclusives. They will be available for download a couple of months before the disk release, seriously blunting the value of used games.

And yes, you will also see downloads with a discount over their physical copy counterparts.

This will start to happen immediately.

steven83r3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Problem is greed drives most of these companies. So a discount version of a digital game won't be happening. Look at music. Itunes charges $1 per song and sometimes comes out to more than Best Buy sells the CD for. There is no manufacturing and distribution involved yet they feel they can charge full price. Digital won't take off unless we are guaranteed our investments will be protected. Imagine you have 30 games all digital and MS or Sony are hacked and all accounts are wiped. There will be no way of knowing what you purchased and you lost everything. And backing up everyones purchases on other servers is way to expensive. Only option i see is no physical copy but a card with a download code that if anything happens just re-enter code and re-download game and keep cards in binder or something.

3258d ago
iceman063257d ago

Good point. MS stands to lose 10% of their revenue for reducing the price of a game just by $5. What company will do that? Your solution is probably the best that I have seen. Lock this code to your account and it's gold.

steven83r3258d ago

What these publishers/developers need to do if they want to sell more games is, COD for example is heavily focused on Multiplayer. So they should make the campaign about 7 hrs or so and release 2 copies of the game. One with limited online play less maps, weapons, upgrades so on and charge $44.99. And a full version at $59.99 with download code inside to unlock all maps and what not missing in stripped down version.

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