4 reasons why PlayStation 4 is better than Xbox One

Microsoft has changed the position of Xbox One in the console war by modifying its anti-customer policies.

However, PlayStation 4 is better than Xbox One.

Here you have 4 good reasons.

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dedicatedtogamers1944d ago

While I am #teamPS4, we've had quite a number of the comparisons (it has been over a week since E3). Until we see new games or new features announced, let's leave the comparisons for launch day.

AngelicIceDiamond1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

So you should just change your name "DedicatedToSonygames& ;quo t; then?

Makes sense since you don't like MS or anything.

EDIT: @Winter Man, Somebodies sensitive.

Because he doesn't like MS, Its evident. I'm not attacking him, I'm just giving him a suggestion is all.

The comment that he stated isn't biased but have you seen his other comments?

The mentality is if your team PlayStation. Then you have to be biased and impartial against everything else.

That's N4G track record don't get mad at me. Bubble me down it makes you feel better. I'll always call it like I see it.

And that holds true from being here.

dedicatedtogamers1944d ago

I'm an OG Xbox owner, and a 360 gamer until 2008 (RRoD). And I've been a PC gamer sinfe the late 80s. I'm a big fan of lots of Microsoft's games like Age of Empires, Halo, the first Fable, MechWarriir, etc

Just because I'm critical of how the Xbox brand doesnt mean I'm a Sony-only gamer.

S2Killinit1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

but if anything, with the behavior and plans Microsoft seems to have for us gamers, being an xbox fan at this point in time is the same as rooting for the demise of gaming. Also dedicatedtogamers said nothing bad about your console of choice, you did, and then complained that Sony fanboys are bad.

S2Killinit1944d ago

The truth of the matter is, that what Microsoft tried to pull was more than a mistake, it was a calculated assault on gaming as we know it, for higher profits. There is a difference between a high price point for a console and some comments, and all out scheming and anti consumer policies. You need to recognize this if you think you are being objective.

Wintersun6161944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Couldn't agree more. These are pointless for now because nobody has anything new to add. These topics have been covered too many times already. Also these topics attract raging fanboys from both sides and I'm sick and tired of looking at them.

Edit: See? We got the first one already. Why the attack on dedicatedtogamers, Angelic? He just mentioned that he supports the PS4 but still remained impartial and unbiased with his comment. Bubble down for personal attack for you.

Edit2: I see you wrote down below pretty much the very same thing than dedicated did. So you don't even disagree with his point but just felt the need to be rude to him for no reason at all. *SMH*

Edit3: Really now? What mentality is that? The Xbox fanboy mentality? Yes, I know there are a lot of fanboys here from both sides. But to say that every single PS fan is a blind fanboy because of those rotten apples among us, is just as fanboy'ish and outright immature from you.

AngelicIceDiamond1944d ago

Lol will you make like Ice and chill?

AngelicIceDiamond1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

"But to say that every single PS fan is a blind fanboy because of those rotten apples among us."

There's many, many rotten apples among you guys. And truth be told to any MS fanboy or any fanboy at that.

But PS fanboys have been way more vocal than any other fanboy that I've experienced. Not just now but a while now on this site in particular.

EDIT: That's cool an all but in your comments seem like MS has no hope, spin positives into negatives and downplay the negatives you just wana see flaws in MS console.

Say If Sony was messin up this bad like MS would you beat them up to? That's cold.

And yeah I know back 06 Sony's price tag was way to high and hard to develop for. But did you beat Sony down then?

Allot of people did and said PS3 was hopeless. MS just like Sony back then just simply needs to learn a lesson.

And they're learning fast by not doing DRM anymore. its a learning process, they're learning just like Sony learn't its lesson.

Wintersun6161944d ago

If you're so unbiased and wholly against fanboys in general, why are you so against someone only because he says he supports PS4? His comment has no hint of fanboy'ism whatsoever. Makes me think that you're the fanboy here.

Mystogan1944d ago

No, you guys need lists like these to get your confidence back.


MysticStrummer1944d ago

Damn, dedicated.

A perfectly reasonable comment earned you two non-responses from two of the usual suspects.

Another day on N4G.


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seepamann1944d ago

More Powerful
Less Price
God of war
Naughty Dog
Simply Playstion

Mystogan1944d ago

Thats pretty sad.

Here let me try.

More powerful with Cloud
More Exclusives
More First-party devs
Kinect 2
True Multitasking
Best controller mankind ever crafted.
TV integration.
Reasonable Price.


Shuyin1944d ago

Lmao @ some tools still thinking the "cloud" will make the Xbox One more powerful than the PS4. Unless you have fast net and I mean SUPER FAST, the "cloud" will be useless. Even if your net is decent and you can properly use the "cloud", it'll never make up 50% of the missing power when compared to the PS4.

I'm a Sony supporter but I had mad respect for the 360 and XBL because it was an amazing network for online gaming but the route that MS has taken with the X1 and tryna screw the customers over with an overpriced consoles which on top requires Kinect, which no one obviously gives a shit about, and then reversing those policies without even apologising is just utterly retarted and sad.

Death to the X1.

Greatness Awaits.

Mystogan1944d ago

You guys better start believing.

There you have it. X1 will be more powerful then the PS4.


S2Killinit1944d ago

-"more powerful with Cloud"? WTF
-Skype?? really? I do that on my PC
-"more exclusives" Come on man why you lying to yourself?
-"more 1st party devs" this one is even more ridiculous than the last one since for this one you don't even have to count that high to know.
-Kinect? thats a positive?
-True Multitasking. You mean at the cost of less gaming performance? no thanks.
-TV integration. I'll just use my buttons. Have fun talking to your TV
-"reasonable price" lol ok, so that means my more powerful PS4 is one hell of a deal.

Here let me add some stuff you missed
-"gathers info on my behavior"
-"sends said info to government if asked" perhaps to others who pay.
-might lead to fun things like charging consumers based on how many people sit in front of it.
-trustworthy company that wanted to take my ownership rights away
-it will stop catering to gamers about halfway in the generation to focus on casuals and application (thats just awesome), heck it even has the kinect bundled in this time around.
-charges for using unrelated applications like Netflix
-it gets the same exclusives over and over and over. Fun

blanket141944d ago

sorry pal but do you know how extremely fast an Internet connection would have to be to do cliud computing? you would atleast need like a 5 gig per second soeed just to notice even a flinch of a performance upgrade msft was trying the "better with cloud" so people wouldnt give them such bad backlash. and if cloud computibg existed in tgis day and age msft would of kept xbox always online so get with the peogram pal. and you know how msft holds onto game exclusives they stop making them after the 3rd year and atleast sony and nintendo dont use AA batterys for thier controllers lol and ps4 is 100 bucks cheaper and not kinect spy cam required so think about that!

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GamersRulz1944d ago

cheaper and more powerful. that all I need to know.

Mystogan1944d ago

Cheaper and slightly more powerful on paper.

Xbox One has the power of Cloud Computing.

MysticStrummer1944d ago

On paper it's easily shown that Cloud Computing is a fantasy.

GamersRulz1944d ago

Cloud computing has nothing to do with graphics, its just about offloading some of the non-latency jobs to the cloud. also it is not exclusive to X1, PS4 is capable of doing the same tasks through Gaikai, even my phone is capable of some cloud computing.

Cloud claims has been refuted by Digital Foundry, hell even MS engineers explained it as non-latency related computing, something that add almost nothing to the raw performance.

PFFT1944d ago

All these articles scream of insecurity. They are quite lame. A gamer is not gonna care which system does what or what system is stronger. All we care is about the games no more or less.

GamersRulz1944d ago

well, you are right about the games. but also as a console gamer I'd like to enjoy the best console experience for the multiplat. last gen PS3 suffered in this area because it was really difficult to develop for, X1 this gen will suffer because its simply weaker than PS4.

I expect 30Fps vs 60Fps versions next gen.

Hufandpuf1944d ago

If both consoles can run BF4 at 60fps, then I doubt framerate will be a problem.

GamersRulz1944d ago


It will be down the road, games get better everyday and BF4 will be outdated sooner than you think. look at COD4 or Resistance 1 early this gen then look at Last of US and Halo 4.

Once games advance to the next level, X1 will struggle to keep up, so in order to maintain similar IQ to PS4, devs will have to sacrifice some framerates. or sacrifice IQ to maintain similar FPS to PS4.

Mystogan1944d ago

The Xbox One will not suffer. They are both pretty much on par.

Not counting cloud computing for X1 of course.

PFFT1944d ago

Which is fine by me. Cause in the end the games will be the same. Same characters same missions same stages so on and so forth.

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AngelicIceDiamond1944d ago

this is the same article as the other one...

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