Hands-On: The Elder Scrolls Online Sucked Me In Instantly | The Escapist

The Escapist: "I've been a fan of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls universe since Daggerfall, and I love MMOs in addition to the single player RPGs the franchise is famous for. So I'm pretty much the exact demographic that should love The Elder Scrolls Online and based on an hour playing the game at the Bethesda booth at this E3, I'm ready for this sucker to come out. Even with the distractions of a faulty keyboard and the hullabaloo of E3 around me, I was so lost in its rich storytelling that I almost missed my next appointment."

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MysticStrummer1996d ago

Definitely looking forward to trying this out.

Mystogan1996d ago

Can't wait to play this on my Xbox One. Hopefully it's released as soon as next year or at least that i get in the beta.

gamertk4211996d ago

Good to hear. Yeah, I'll be playing it on XB1 myself.

GentlemenRUs1996d ago

Should look nice on the PS4 :D

Red_Devilz1996d ago

Can't wait now since it has been announced for PS4

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