Dragon Quest X - PC Benchmark Tool Available, Beta Signups Open

DSOGaming writes: "Good news for all JRPG fans as Dragon Quest X is coming to the PC. Although Square Enix has not issued any press release for it as of yet, Nvidia has already released its benchmark tool and the publisher is accepting applications for the game’s upcoming beta phase."

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MonkeyNinja1997d ago

I'd definitely get it now if they would just make it f2p! No way I'm going to pay a monthly fee, even if it is Dragon Quest.

NioRide1997d ago

Then don't play.

You know why so many MMO's are complete crap? because they are f2p, they end up giving you the same exact quuests over and over with no story and all you do is grind until you get bored, or go out and spend 10-20$ on buying the end game gear so you don' actually have to do any work.

Need4Game1997d ago

Dragon Quest X MMORPG it'll happen.

Final Fantasy 15, Kingdom Hearts 3, etc from now on will all be MMORPG !!!

Square Enix needs the Money.

Need4Game1997d ago

Final Fantasy 15 Action-MMORPG CONFIRM.

3-4-51997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

take away the subscription and this thing would sell millions in the US.

Between PC/Wii U that is.

NioRide1997d ago

It wouldn't sell "millions" as the series isn't that popular in the US.

thorstein1997d ago

Coming to the PC means good for Mii!

KillerPwned1997d ago

The official site to sign up for the better is all Jap :(

seepamann1997d ago

Very good news for pc gamers Japanese mmo coming to pc