Five Reasons Why the PS4 is Still a Better Choice than the Xbox One

Davis from Denkiphile: "I have a confession to make: I’m a Sony fanboy. I’ve owned Sony consoles almost exclusively since the PSX. With Microsoft’s recent announcement of their change of plans regarding DRM for the Xbox One, it would seem that the console is now a legitimate competitor to the PS4 and I’m getting a bit worried for the electronics giant. After all, it has Twitch integration, a better launch lineup, and a bevy of announced exclusives that make Knack and Killzone: Shadowfall hardly seem like the system sellers they should be. Despite all that, I’m still confident that the PS4 has some strengths that make the system superior to the next Microsoft system and will make it sell."

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Donnieboi1971d ago

It's better because we don't have to beg Sony for Months just to get an evil policy reversed. However, with MS, we have to beg, plead, and embarrass them on national television shows before they reverse the evil policies that were never even gamer-friendly/considerate to begin with.

I feel more secure and less nervous about some odd policy popping up with the PS4, as opposed to any product Microsoft makes (including Xbox One and Windows 8)

PS4 > Beg-Box One

Lone_Man1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

harsh but true.... i was really going to buy xbox one bt after all the rumors becoming true and after months of protest xbox at last did the right thing...but i think it was not the begging and request that helped in removing the DRM..i think they realized the factor they will not going yo sell enough consoles.

still not enough for me ....i am 22 and dont want to play with my parents, uncle and aunts instead of my friends so ps4 in my room is still better then xbox 1 in the living room

loulou1971d ago

it's easy

no1: because n4g said so

no2: same as no1

no3: sames as no2

you get the message....

both have their strengths and weaknesses. i will get both. i dont really need wrote especially for n4g blogs telling me anything

sonic9891970d ago


i am already out of ideas about what the XBone has and the PS4 dont
hmmmmm..... nope nothing PS4 is better and cheaper no comparison

dolkrak1970d ago

@loulou : XB1 has zero strength actually.

- it's 100$ higher in pricetag
- it's 30 to 50% less powerful
- it's focused on stupid TV and shows
- Kinect is required and always connected, you got to pay for it
- DRM can come back to bite your ass any time
- less exclusives than Sony
- inferior version of every multiplatform
- PS+ > XBL Gold in value (free AAA games, discounts...)
- no Gaikai service or other game streaming

There's zero reason to go XB1 right now, PS4 is superior in every way.

GrownUpGamer1970d ago

@ dolkrak

Remember this?

Yes $599-$499 us dollars for a ps3 back then.

Now an Xbox One WITH a Kinect @ $499 us dollars and people are making that A BIG DEAL.

YUP lets make the price of the Xbox One a BIG DEAL.

Im not in favor of them just giving the consumer the option of a Kinect SKU but to make the price of that sku a big deal is pure stupidity.

WHAT WE need to do is demand from them a sku without a Kinect.

Think about it with your fanboy glasses off.

Wh15ky1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


But the launch price of the PS3 was a huge deal in 2006 even though the world was in a far better economical state back then compared to now. So why wouldnt xbox ones launch price cause a stir?

So what if kinect's included, back in 2006 for $499 you were getting a brand new gaming console aswell as the cheapest bluray player available at that time.

Also, doesnt the xbox one need kinect to work? Or has it been confirmed that ms has changed that too?

GrownUpGamer1970d ago

@ Wh15ky

Do you really believe that the Xbox One cant work without a Kinect? Are you really that dumb? What they are doing is making the kinect seen as a necessary feature. Well Ryse say hi.

Wh15ky1970d ago

I was asking you that, I don't know for sure. I was, however, under the impression that ms wanted kinect to be a necessity.

I do find it interesting that that is the only part of my comment you chose to reply to though.

pixelsword1970d ago

Get rid of the mandatory PS+ and it's a day 1 purchase for me.

MysticStrummer1970d ago

You have a bad memory, GrownUp.

PS3's price was in fact a big deal.

There's nothing fanboyish about saying the One would be cheaper without Kinect, especially since Kinect is the only area where the One has a technical advantage.

You're the person wearing fanboy goggles here.

ThanatosDMC1970d ago

I'm surprised people would go with MS when they screwed up the hardcore with Kinect and the stagnant amount of hardcore exclusives.

morganfell1970d ago

Ryse says hi? I will bet it does that without any controller input too.

As for the PS4, we are going get a huge library because it is primarily a gaming machine. And more will be abbounced at Gamescom:

Straight from Jim Ryan and SCEE.

GrownUpGamer1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

@ MysticStrummer

PS3's price was in fact a big deal. <---- YES!!!

You n4g ps fanboys making the xbox one KINECT sku price seen/sound worst than that?

MEGA fnck!ng YES!!!!

By the way im not in favor of a Kinect Sku.
----------------------------- ---------------
Hey morganfell how much they pay u?

Wh15ky1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

"Hey morganfell how much they pay u?"

Pot, kettle, black if ever I did see it.

I don't get where you're coming from with your comparisons to the PS3 launch price.

I think the big deal that people are going on about is that the entry level PS4 is $100 cheaper than the entry level xbox one, something nobody saw coming before the E3 announcements.

However, back to the PS3 comparisons - I think it's easier to defend the PS3s high launch price because of the inclusion of blu ray and the substantial loss sony were taking on each unit sold. Any idea of the loss ms is incurring on each xbox one that will be sold?

morganfell1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Pay me? You mean as a gamer that is sick and tired of a company coming into the industry and ramming direct x down everyone's throat in order to kill two superior APIs you surmise I need money to voice an opinion against that?

As a gamer that has had my fill of a company using cheap payoffs and massive ad money rather than creativity I shouldn't voice criticism against that unless I am paid?

I watch a company attempting to get publishers to use a highly restrictive type of DRM that will forever ruin our hobby and you think I have to be given money in order to speak up?

I see a company that focuses on the casual living room first and gamers second yet tries and does detrimentally influence the gaming community and you believe it requires payola in order to lean into said company?

Oh I see. You think everyone is like you and they only act for money.

You must be thinking of yourself. You are obviously the one that will not do the right thing unless you get a payoff. Oh wait, you are a fan of the way Microsoft operates therefore you believe no one should do anything in the world unless someone shoves a wad of cash in their pocket when no one is looking.

And for the record I never had a problem with the PS3 price. Why? Because those extra dollars actually did something that mattered. That's right I said it. They provided what some of us knew then and the rest of you are now having to eat in your humble pie. Bluray is the current and next gen disc format. Sony was correct...again.

The PS3 had built in HDMI. Sony was correct...again.

The PS3 had built in Wifi. Sony was correct... again.

The PS3 had swappable HDD that with an inexpensive industry standard design instead of a price bloated proprietary model. Sony was on the mark...again.

With the Xbone you extra dollars get you...kinect. They get you a DVR. They get you a manager for your living room. Somewhere down the line after that there is a gem device. No thanks.

thechowderp1970d ago

@ grown up gamer
God of War > Ryse

MuleKick1970d ago

The Playstation has always been my console of choice and it will remain that way well into the future. But I have to admit that the Xbox One does have some cool features. I have to give credit where its due. With that said, I still prefer Sony's first party titles well over MS and I don't see it changing ever. I buy gaming consoles for games. Features are just an added bonus.

k2d1970d ago

Way to advertice for Microsoft, GrownUpGamer.

You're coming off as the biggest fanboy in here.

PS3 price was actually a pretty big deal back in the day, but I don't se dolrak or any others here making any arguments that defy that fact.

Some found value in the PS3 in that it had a bluray player. The best Bluray player actually for a couple of years. And it's not like it dried up without any games like the 360 has for the the last 3 years.

I'm sure there are those that'll find value in the Xbox One at a price of $500 too. I just doubt the majority ever will..

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allformats1971d ago

PS4 has already won next-gen. The momentum is with Sony. Mark my words.

PigPen1971d ago

PS4 won next gen, that reminds me about Vita. PS4 won nothing and it's not even out yet.

horndog1971d ago

Sure sure buddy boy the same words were used for the ps3 when it came out. It didnt win [email protected]! t, just lost half the market from its ps2 era to MS and Nintendo. Now you keep telling yourself that it has already won this gen because when they are out the gates and the sales numbers are closer than you would have thought its going to make for some great laughs on this site.

kickerz1970d ago

Ps4 has won on this site. THAT IS ALL. maybe ten thousand people use this site compared to 100 million gamers out there, hardcore and casual. I think it will be quite even now MS has got rid of DRM, but to be honest i dont care who wins. I will be sitting there with xbox controller in hand playing titanfall with my awsome servers. Just enjoying gaming in general :)

GrownUpGamer1970d ago

@ allformats

"PS4 has already won next-gen. The momentum is with Sony. Mark my words."

Ohhh the war that never ends. Brand A vs Brand B.

Who really give a Fn*# about it? Did you know that the war is in your mind and for your mind?

Those who save money and buy both consoles are the ones who enjoy gaming more and the smartest ones.

Who is paying you to help them win the war for your mind?

Lets talk about games more and less about consoles.

CoolBeansRus1970d ago

blah blah fanboyiswm. Sony troll had a good two weeks to power up their inner child. Now they are full grown trolls.

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Hanif-8761971d ago

It isn't just the RAM thats better but also the GPU with 50% more power. However, i'm glad that Microsoft changed their DRM polices. I wasn't going to purchase it at all but now i might actually consider it if the exclusives sways to actually purchase one.

BallsEye1971d ago

RAW SPECS (and GPU one is simply not true, ms didn't even release full specs) is not everything. I'd like to remind you that lasy gen xbox 360 had more raw power (look it up, way more graphics power) but ps3 fans were saying its all about architecture and power of the cell! It can offload GPU and in some games you can see it work. Now that Xbox One has eSRAM , CUSTOMIZED DDR3 (not your normal DDR3) and 5 move engines to offload CPU and GPU a LOT while ps4 got very simple architecutre (just like standard pc) all the fanboys say only raw specs matter. How about lets wait for good games to come out? So far I've seen plenty on MS presentation and they looked awesome.

Cuzzo631971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Micro didnt have to release complete specs. The whole system fromtha roota to tha toota was leaked. Also the developers that are working has said that. Some are keeping a neutral stance but most are giving ps4 the ups. The gpu and the cpu are basically out in the open. Their are write ups on them also. From the tflops to the shaders to the ram.

Sony PS4’s GPU has 50 per cent more shader cores than the Xbox One – 1,152 against 768. And, further descending into the details, their TFLOP ratings, which measure how many operations a second they can perform, are far removed from each other.The PS4 is rated at 1.8TFLOPs, the Xbox One just 1.23TFLOPs. However, this rating in particular has tended to bear little relation to actual results – the PS3 was widely reported as being a 1.8TFLOP system at its launch. And the PS3 is nowhere near as powerful as the PS4.

It might not be a huge advantage but a advantage non the less. Anyway its gonna come down to games and I will give M$ this first round. Both have good things to offer so neither side wont be missing much... well I take that back. Only game I would like to have on the ps4 is titanfall. The rest they can keep

Oh and we all know ps3 has a under powered gpu, (seehow unfanboyish that was because its a fact we cant deny) compared to the 360 but if you can just be realistic. The cell did give it a boost since not one 1st party game on 360 looks better than the 1st uncharted game on ps3. Have you seen or played TLOU. Prolly not. Great game by the way

SniperControl1971d ago


Whatever you just smoked, i want some!

Show me a 360 game that looks as good as Uncharted 3 or The Last of us.

Stop trolling you fanboy.

S2Killinit1971d ago

why do you think MS didn't release official specs? Why do you think they kept up a PR campaign to make people think that the cloud is going to magically make the xbox more powerful? its because it is a weaker system. The GPU think has already been pretty much revealed although MS missed the official announcement. On top of that there are rumors that the clock speed is going to be even lower than originally anticipated due to overheating issues. The RAM issue is all but proved. Also in the current gen, no body ever said xbox 360 was more powerful in any way because that would have been complete rubbish and we've seen the difference in graphics between the two consoles ever since the dev were able to take advantage of the Cell. So what you say is simply off.

seanpitt231971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@ ballseye
Have you heard yourself just read what you have just put because that is a load of bull.

G20WLY1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

^BallsEye, you are so, so very wrong.

You took your Eye off the Ball mate - and it's coming right at your face lol

KillrateOmega1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )


Maybe you, and others like you, would be taken more seriously if you weren't so grammatically-impaired.

Seriously, your comment looks like it was structured by a 12yo...

bligmerk1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

There are also the fairly strong rumors that Sony is going to overclock the PS4 APU and MS is going to underclock the XBone's.

Also, not to forget, confirmed that the PS4 has 1GB reserved RAM memory space for the system and the XBone has 3GB. This means PS4 devs can count on 7GB of RAM for games, the XBone only 5GB (and slower RAM speed).

The XBone is going to still completely install games on their hard drive, like a PC game. Sony studios have perfected seamless loading of content from the Blu-ray drive, making the mandatory install mainly for the game, not the content like textures, thereby allowing for very high resolution. And on this hard drive, the PS4 will allow the change or upgrade of the hard drive, not the XBone, proprietary hard drive and only factory servicing.

Forgot to add, the PS4 has a dedicated input/output processor and a dedicated hardware video compressor/decompressor. Whether these are on one chip or two chips on a die is still to be revealed but these hardware devices provide more than the multimedia capabilities MS is trying to do in software.

There are way more than 5 reasons the PS4 stomps all over XBone.

esemce1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yeah I'll maybe buy a used slim version with some used games in a few years, the bitches won't see my money. That's if they actually have some exclusives other than forza and halo that are worth a sh1t.

And on the games front just look at this gen how Sony had 3 great exclusive PS3 titles releasing withing six months of the PS4's release.

Just look at the so few and far between AAA exclusives that were/are on the Xbox360 since the release of Kinect.

Nafon1971d ago

@Cuzzo63 is right. Specs and actual performance aren't directly correlated. The PS4 will be more powerful than the XB One, but how that will translate into actual gameplay graphics (no renders) remains to be seen.

Benchm4rk1970d ago

@cuzzo63 and Sniper Control

Halo 4 and Gears 3....nuff said

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Reibooi1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

For me it's quite simple. The games. Right now even though we have not seen a ton the games Sony has showed are what I want to be playing. The only MS game that even remotely interests me is Quantum Break.(and even that I am on the fence because of the whole TV show comes bundled with it thing)

Beyond that I would chose the PS4 as it's the console that will likey get more RPGs(most western RPGs are multi and a good chunk of J-RPG's are exclusive like the Atelier series for example)

I just hope MS doesn't buy up some Japanese exclusives again. Games like Losy Odyssey were incredible but should have had a much bigger audience.

Mystogan1971d ago

Lol these are some pathetic reasons.

It hardly has "Much More power" as PS fans like to think.

Any REAL racing fan knows that Forza took the racing Sim crown since Forza 4.

Better exclusives down the line? wishful thinking.

Remote play will fail once again. Nobody actually buys a Vita. While any Android,iOS and Windows device can have Smartglass.

I'll give you indie support.

And the price only LOOKS better. Pay $100 extra and you get much more value from the X1.

BallsEye1971d ago

1 year xbox live gold is included, a lot of people seem to forget about it. Add the Eye to ps4 and 1 year subscription and you'll be having same or higher price. I think it's a very smart move to include 1 year xbox live gold (everyone are connected from day 1!) and kinect 2.0. While first kinect wasn't what it should be (had fun playin few games tho, skyrim functionality cool too) this one looks like it will really change a lot, and having it with every console gives a big chance to devs. Just look at tech demos! Even simple things like in FPS demonstration when he taps his temple to turn on nightvision (and it reacts instantly) is awesome.

Cuzzo631971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

No its really not more value... Explain why its more value. Ps4 cam is cheaper. Better ram, gpu, cpu, and blu ray drive. Everything Xb1 has ps4 has. Hell ps3 do most of the thing xb1 is offering. Game sharing movies sharing hell even dlc and add ons can be shared... Xb1 got some good things goin for it. Hell, 300k cloud servers is amazing. :o lol. Anyway. Its all fun n games. Both sides are gonna have a good holiday

Skips1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

So 50% more raw GPU power and 2 GB more available RAM for games from FASTER and efficient GDDR5 isn't "much more power"? lol!

"Any REAL racing fan knows that Forza took the racing Sim crown since Forza 4."

No , just no.. -_-

"Better exclusives down the line? wishful thinking."

Wishful thinking??? More like a GIVEN. XD

You seriously gonna put 15 games from Microsoft's no name, unproven, devs who've probably only worked on small XBL arcade, Kinect, and other motion gaming shovelware against 20-40 games from Sony's studios such as SSM, ND, PD, Sucker Punch etc???

Who probably have more talent than all of Microsoft's studios combined???

That's cute. XD

KillrateOmega1971d ago

"It hardly has "Much More power" as PS fans like to think."

So you don't deny that the PS4 has the more powerful hardware?

"Better exclusives down the line? wishful thinking."

With the PS4's superior hardware, I see no reason why they would not be technically better.
It's silly to judge a console's exclusive games performance based soley on the initial line-up. Sony's track record concerning exclusives and new IPs has been pretty great in recent years; while MS's has not.

"Nobody actually buys a Vita."

Except all those people who actually went out and bought a Vita, right?

"And the price only LOOKS better. Pay $100 extra and you get much more value from the X1."

Such as?

AngelicIceDiamond1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@Sonic "You seriously gonna put 15 games from Microsoft's no name, unproven, devs who've probably only worked on small XBL arcade, Kinect, and other motion gaming shovelware against 20-40 games from Sony's studios such as SSM, ND, PD, Sucker Punch etc???

That's a crazy fanboy comment you wrote there. The point is MS has games, and finally some original games this time around. All you do is find red flags in everything Xbox.

Why spin and find faults in every little thing like you usually do? I bet your one of those people who hate a person's soul if he or she chooses an X1 over a PS4.

Why does it matter so much to you honestly?

Skips1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )


How is it a fanboy comment when it's literally A FACT that the majority of Microsoft's studios are either no names (other than fanboys, does the average gamer even KNOW the names of Microsoft's studios?), small studios who've worked on NOTHING BUT motion gaming shovelware (Look at the portfolio for most of the studios, you can't honestly lie about how pathetic it is), or studios that have worked on NOTHING BUT small arcade titles etc. etc.???

"Better exclusives down the line? wishful thinking." was what I was replying to.

Better studios make better games. *GASP

Shocker... I know right???

And it doesn't take a fanboy to see who owns better studios kiddo. -_-

sonic9891970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

that comment wooow does it exist
you you caused people to die

Jaqen_Hghar1970d ago

A man bought PSeye with PS4 and still was $40 cheaper than Xbone. A man also doesn't see many "REAL" racing fans agreeing with you that have played GT. 20 exclusives in the first year compared to 15 for MS and with more proven studios. Need a man say more? Yes he does because PS+ gives free games all the time including Driveclub at launch and is $10 cheaper.

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GrumpyOla1971d ago

Alot of exclusives are going multiplat. As for the more power, that's for the developers and the experts on the matter to decide.
From past experience, hardware reliablity is most important to me personally.

irepbtown1970d ago

''Alot of exclusives are going multiplat.''

Where on bloody Earth did you get that from?

killacal131971d ago

The begging didn't make a difference, it was the PREORDERS!!!! Msoft doesn't care what we think.

Old McGroin1971d ago

@ Donnieboi

"It's better because we don't have to beg Sony for Months just to get an evil policy reversed."

Don't think there was any begging involved Donnieboi, think it was more to do with the fact that people were just gonna ignore the Xbone altogether because of these policies that changed MS' mind. MS are not the consumers friend, and neither are Sony or Nintendo. All 3 are businesses, it's not good will they want, it's cash. The policies MS announced would have resulted in less consoles sold, that's what changed their mind, not begging (although I can't dispute the fact there may have been some people who actually did beg!).

wastedcells1971d ago

Sony first party games are the biggest reason.

Foliage1971d ago

Microsoft didn't change any policies for the betterment of their customers; they were slaughtered in pre-orders and changed it for the almighty dollar.

Tong1971d ago

Xbox is never better than Playstation to begin with.

imdaboss11971d ago

one reason would be xbone drm can come back if ms decided to bring it again..stay away people they need to learn a lesson..

AngryEnglish1970d ago

And Drm could be on the PS4 at anytime to, people seem to conveniently forget that Sony has left the door open for any dev to add DRM

greenlantern28141970d ago

It is so funny when Xbox fans talk about how 360 beat ps3, when the sales world wide confirm Xbox in last place. But Xbox still won because ps didn't sell as much as ps2, which shattered all console game sales. Didn't know winning meant not getting beat as badly as you did last time

AngryEnglish1970d ago

Well think of it this way..... They chewed into half of Sony's market share, you think that was a Sony victory? They lost over 70 million sales...

greenlantern28141970d ago

And one could argue that most of those people went to Wii since it sold over90 million units.
Think about this when ms released the 360 the stated goal of the company was not we are going to hurt sony, but we are going to win this generation. They are still last so I doubt ms is running around giving each other high fives going we took some of Sony's huge lead away but still got beat.

wiz71911970d ago

But the PS3 took the whole generation to even take the lead.

greenlantern28141970d ago

But in the end they did win out. And ms fans say the price differences isn't a big deal but it is it hurt sony out the gate and will most likely hurt Xbox1 sales. Fans of ms are going to buy it fans ps are going to get that but a lot of gamers are not stuck to one over the other. If they can get Madden, and COD that's cool for them and those people will by the cheaper system

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TheXgamerLive1970d ago

5 pathetic and untrue reasons, lol Xbox One and its merge with the cloud is different than anything sony can do. MS has actually developed an engine of sorts for the cloud and Xbox One games. Halo 5 will be the first title to release using it. When you see and play Halo 5 then you will see Xbox One's potential.
One only plays games and will have over heating issues and the other does everything and does it better. $499.00 us is a great price. 399.00 is a great price. You get what you pay for.

Condemnedman1970d ago

Months? What planet are you from?

GrownUpGamer1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

@ MysticStrummer
"PS3's price was in fact a big deal." <--- YES!

Are you fanboys making the price of the Xbox One WITH KINECT sound worst than the PS3 $599-$499 here on N4G?


Seriously i never espect Agrees when i comment in favor of Xbox.

Im not in favor of a Kinect Sku.

showtimefolks1970d ago

for me as a gamer

1-i know what to expect out of sony like nintendo, both will deliver excellent exclusives

2-psn-plus is a very very very under rated service which now more people will get to experience and many will fall in love with the service and will be surprised how much sony gives back for that $50 bucks every year. and that's not even counting the discounts

3-controller is better than xblive(this is very very personal preference so some may hate it but i love DS and from what i have read DS4 is gonna be improved in almost every aspect)

4-I know sony doesn't make bad systems so quality is a huge factor.

5- and this is the biggest being able to change the eternal hard drive, this is something i will do right out of the box

to each their own i am not gonna say xbox one sucks and all because MS has shown enough gaming content, my only issue is this will they forget about us after 3-4 years again like they did with xbox 360 for last 3 years? and how soon will they just stick to just 4-5 same sequels for rest of the gen exclusives wise

right now they are saying we are all for gamers but they have a proven track record in gaming for giving up on their old systems and forgetting their fanbase

also it doesn't help them that ps4 is $399