Kinect Motion Controls Might Not Be Featured In FIFA 14: Report

FIFA 14 may not be getting Kinect motion controls according to Andrew Wilson, executive vice president, EA Sports. The developers of the upcoming football game have decided that the Kinect 'isn't right' for the game.

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mp12891969d ago

Would have been nice for inappropiate celebrations

THamm1968d ago

Lets see if EA drops support for the whole console like it did for WiiU.

1412 KID1968d ago

"the Kinect 'isn't right' for real games" ;)

Fat-Milkers1968d ago

There is going to be a lot of games especially cross platform games, not using the kinect. Only exclusives, I reckon will use it.

MariaHelFutura1968d ago

Because MS has Kinect essentially built in, they will push for 3rd parties to have some sort of functionally regardless how mundane or trivial it is.

jackdaddy1968d ago

Well thats handy, seeing as it is pointless.

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