NBA Live 14 - An Open Letter from Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien is the Executive Producer for NBA LIVE, and he has spent more than a decade working on basketball titles at EA SPORTS. O’Brien’s post on the NBA LIVE series is the first of many updates that will discuss the evolution of the franchise in advance of NBA LIVE 14’s release later this year.

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Donnieboi1943d ago

EA, please let go of the NBA and NFL licences. Nobody likes your games anymore. Let other companies develop for it so that we can have more variety in these professional sports genre's.

2pacalypsenow1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Ea doesn't have a license on nba like madden . And who's "WE" I'm looking forward to nba live 14 since it will be a true Next gen basketball game , since it's only on Xbox 1 and Ps4 and I'm hopping its a great game . And other companies do develop nba games 2k is a great basketball game and it's not made by EA

Donnieboi1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

What I meant was that even if people somehow like EA's sports games, I'm sure that if the liscence was open to other developers (and not just exclusively to EA) then we could get better games.

What's wrong with that? If u wanna buy EA's lazy, crappy games, then by all means, go ahead and waste your money. But my idea would allow for other games to be made using these same sports licences by OTHER developers TOO. So, for people like you who like to waste money--u can still buy EA's version.

As for the rest of us, we'll buy better, more unique versions of NBA and NFL games, by developers who are actually passionate about sports games.

ZeroX98761943d ago

after playing nhl 2k vs nhl from EA, I prefer the EA version WAY better than the 2K version (the version being made in canada is probably why the devs putting efforts into it). Fifa from EA are relatively good games, can't wait for the next gen version! NBA 2K series is phenomenal compared to the old NBA live and MLB the Show is a freaking masterpiece for baseball fans. So they each got a franchise they're better at.

licence exclusive deals are dumb, competition is most of the time a good thing. it forces the other parties to innovate even more and push the other companies to innovate even more!

PSN VS Xbox live is something that grew so much since back when it launched. they pushed each other for a better service and that's the reason why we got so much feature, both on live and PSN.

I'm happy to see another NBA title in the making to make competition with NBA 2K. If 2K wins over EA, then so be it, let them fail again and let's see if they can do better next year.

THamm1943d ago

Donnieboi is right, EA needs to let go of NFL and leave NBA alone. Most of their games bore me, although I did like Grand Slam

Neoninja1943d ago

I hope EA brings it with Live this year. I love NBA2k, but competition is needed to keep things going.
Look at what happened to Madden without competition.

Donnieboi1943d ago

Exactly what I meant to say (especially MAdden getting stale due to lack of motivation from EA to make each iteration better than the previous year's version).

Lol at the people who disagreed with me. Keep on thinking competition is bad--then one day you'll see that each year's version is the same as the last. Competition breeds variety and innovation.

THamm1943d ago

2k didnt have competition and it got better, go figure

Sarobi1943d ago

I'm hoping Live turns out good. 2K has been doing a pretty good job of handling NBA games, but I think they can do better.

Timesplitter141943d ago

Isn't this a bit pointless? People who play NBA and NFL games usually don't follow games much and probably won't even see this letter

310dodo1943d ago

believe it or not

But I put in just as many hours into Skyrim as I do my NCAA footballs or FIFA titles

Sports games are some of the funniest/deepest games you can play/own.
and I play tons of AAA games (especially RPGs)

VitaOwner1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I guess you are wrong cause I love sports games and many other kinds as well

NYC_Gamer1943d ago

I won't believe nothing from EA until a public demo is released and us gamers could test out the gameplay for ourselves

iceman061943d ago

Totally agree with this. Live has been in development hell since the 2k guy came and then left again to go back to 2k. He even said what the issue was. EA was rushing the title and didn't really care about the quality.

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