Sakurai Says He Is Still In A Lot Of Pain


Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of both Kirby and the Smash Bros series, has revealed that he is still suffering an immense amount of pain from his right arm and hand. Sakurai told Kotaku that he still can’t use a mouse at this moment in time and is relying on using a trackball. Sakurai says due to his workload with the next Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, it has become a really critical issue. But, he says that he is still 100 percent committed to finishing the next Smash Bros which is due for release next year.

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Mr_Nuts1998d ago

Maybe he should of told them that he would do a 3DS version later on after they've done the Wii U version. Seriously they've even said that there could be limitations on the console version to keep it on par with the handheld one.

PopRocks3591998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Funny thing, he's already stated the two versions may release at different times.


Aside from character limitations (pertaining specifically to characters like Ice Climbers), we don't know what exactly the 3DS version will hold back. The engine seems to be running pretty well based on the gameplay footage we've seen.

And besides, while they've said DLC is not on the table right now, that doesn't mean they won't consider the idea post release.

Mr_Nuts1998d ago

Well if that actually is the case I don't see why he has to match them up so perfectly that they have to be the same

I'd rather have as much content in the console one as they can manage not be dumbed down because of a handheld version.

So far we've only had one SSB per gen...I want the most out of this game as they can do with the Wii U hardware

CrossingEden1998d ago

you complain that the console version might be limited on an article about a man who's dedication to game design is allowing him to persevere so that he can deliver the best game possible, and all you care about is whether or not the console version will be dumbed down.... wow.....

1998d ago
NameRemoved00171998d ago

Buy that man a bionic arm he deserves one.

Sketchy_Galore1998d ago

Tragic. Apparently doctors are still unsure whether his injuries are due to more than 20 years working at a computer or five hours holding a WiiU game pad.

....sorry, not trolling, just had to go for the joke.

aPerson1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

That is quite possibly the funniest comment I have ever read here...

jakmckratos1998d ago

ISnt there a way nintendo could hook him up with some less-painful motion based interface??? I mean if anyone could it'd be Nintendo right?????

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