Miyamoto Says Nintendo Looking To Increase Internal Staff To Create More Projects

Revered games developer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Nintendo is looking to increase their internal staff in an effort to have more upcoming projects going on at the same time. Miyamoto says that this will not only see more games produced, but it also gives the teams a chance to revisit existing franchises that the fans are clamouring for.

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ApolloTheBoss3755d ago

Hope that includes new IPs. Sorry to say but Nintendo needs to get outta the past and be more open-minded.

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Brucis3755d ago

They have made new IPs. Just because they aren't as big as their mascot doesn't mean they don't exist.

PigPen3755d ago

Nintendo 1st party developer Monolith Soft X game is a start, agree.

Xof3755d ago

Nintendo has got a major series in nearly every genre of gaming.

The one big one they're missing is RPG and, I suppose, space combat sim if we want to put the final nail in Starfox' coffin.

Dj7FairyTail3755d ago

creating new ip that many of yall "nintendo need to create new ip" lovers will even support. Yall barely even try research them.
Endless Ocean
Disaster Day of Crisis
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Harmo Knight
The Wonderful 101
I can name more

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dedicatedtogamers3755d ago

I'm curious why this is being done now instead of, say, back in 2009 when they sold out of the Wii, the sold 25 million copies of NSMB Wii and 31 million copies of Sports Resort.

Why is the money in the war chest only being invested NOW?!? We won't see the fruits of staff increases for several years.

meganick3755d ago

Good question, but better late than never. More Nintendo games is always a good thing.

badz1493755d ago

the Wii U would be something like a one hit wonder Wii but just now seeing how wrong they are!

but yeah...about damn time, Nintendo!

Donnieboi3755d ago

It's about time Iwata shown some initiative. Still, I think he should ALSO currently invest in indie games now--so current Wii U owners can have something to play while they wait for all those other games (the new nintendo IP's) to come out (which could take a year or two, or even 3)

millzy1023755d ago

iwata is investing in indi devs, that why wii u dev kits come with unity engine so games are easy to port along with Nintendo internet framework, also eshop is self publishing its just everyone is making it sound like it only Sony going hard after the indi devs when Nintendo has been courting them since before the wii u launch.

Donnieboi3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

@Millzy102: Thanks for the info. I honestly didn't know that--and trust me, I really do try to stay as informed as possible. Why isn't anyone reporting this stuff as news?

Also, i meant Nintendo should buy some high profile indie's over too (so they get top quality indie games fast and now, while keeping them EXCLUSIVE to Wii U). But with self-publishing, I guess that it wouldn't make as much sense for the indie's to give up their independence.

Still, I think a mind like Jenova Chen's (who made flower and Journey) would be well-suited at Nintendo. He makes "clean" games that are awesome, well-thought-out and have a high standard for quality. Even Miyamoto has congratulated Chen on his artistry and creativeness.

MegaLagann3755d ago

Now this is what I like to hear. Nintendo has so much money in the bank, they are the number one publisher in the world (not fanboy opinion, just facts, check for yourself) and yet they're so understaffed. If Nintendo is scared to let third parties handle series like Star Fox or F-Zero (even though GX is the best in the series and was made by Sega and to be honest Assault wasn't that bad) then it's time to be proactive and fix what's wrong internally. Hope Nintendo follows through with this and isn't hot air, something they've been good at recently.

PigPen3755d ago

Hey Nintendo, pick up the ex Lucas Arts developers.

Kietz3755d ago

They haven't produced anything truly noteworthy in years.

PigPen3755d ago

While that might be true since I haven't played anything from them since Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2 & 3, they definitely have talent.

Donnieboi3755d ago

@PigPen: They might have "some" talent, but there are far better studios that are hurting right now that Nintendo should buy.

I'd love to see a partnership between TheGameCompany (Jenova Chen--Cloud, Journey, Flower, etc) and Nintendo.

And several other talented studios that just need a little publishing pick-up.

Wni03755d ago

but i really like having 2 great games per generation, it makes them more special! why would i want more?