GameStop: "Definitely don't count the Wii U out"


The Wii U has gotten off to a slow start, but retailer GameStop isn't betting against the system anytime soon.

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Xof1943d ago

Way to state the obvious.

The WiiU is in pretty much the exact same position after 7 months that 3DS was in after 6 months. The 3DS went along for 6 months with no real notable releases (aside from OoT), and Nintendo turned things around w/ Super Mario 3D Land, and have continued support quite well for the console with at least one big title releasing every month or so since.

And let's remember that's the WiiU has only been out for SEVEN MONTHS (since November 2012). And they look to be releasing that big game to invigorate the platform... that is also a 3D Mario. Plus a Zelda. Plus a Donkey Kong. Plus a Pikmin. All this year.

It's exactly the same as the 3DS.

The only real difference is that Nintendo has done nothing to appease the early-adopters that have been suffering for so long with so little to play with, nor have they dropped the price to encourage further sales.

deafdani1943d ago

Well said bubble to you, sir.

Xof1943d ago

Thanks. This actually got me thinking about all the BS I've seen about the WiiU lately.

(E3 convinced me to buy one sooner rather than later, and then I visit the WiiU message boards at various BBS and see nothing but whining and complainig).

So after posting that, I went and tried to articulate the WiiU's case a bit better:

wolokowoh1943d ago

Super Mario 3D Land while a powerful system selling title did not turn around that handheld's misfortunes alone. Monster Hunter and Pokemon did most of the work. The price drop also led to huge increase in sales by itself. It also helps that 3DS has gotten nothing but support since then. Look at Vita. That's a only slightly more support than 3DS had before that price drop. 3DS got crap because it wasn't doing DS numbers but the sales were never abysmal. Wii U sales are pathetic. They should be a lot more and it's because they released it too soon before third parties and Nintendo could support it the way it deserved. It also would've helped if Nintendo was a little closer to what a PS4 does. As it stands Nintendo is doing right by the console but what third party besides Platinum Games is releasing compelling games on it. Where is that Monster Hunter? It has not been shown yet. Wii U will be amazing but they'll have to something before it becomes the next GameCube.

n4f1943d ago

i could guarantee that even if nintendo what more powerful then ps4 its wouldnt change anything if they dont have the sales to back it up.
plus ea would still be mad at them for the origin project, so some of the title schedule for release would still not be on wiiu.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1943d ago

I Agree-
with deafdani

@ Deafdani
"Well Said"

I'm not necessarily endorsing a price cut but good points.

TripC501943d ago

Now all Nintendo has to do is get more 3rd party developers to think like that. But nobody wants a house in a sinkhole. Everybody wants a house on a hill. That hill isn't here yet.

Lol at my attempt at metaphors.

DivineAssault 1943d ago

Not yet.. If all those games they showed during the ND for E3 release & dont boost its sales by much, then count it out.. Them staying alive during the release of BOTH PS4 & Xbox One isnt going to be easy.. I wish em luck but i dont think Mario Kart & Smash Bros will save em without a significant price cut

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jjb19811943d ago

The only way ill buy a Wii u is if a new Zelda is released. And a smash bros.

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The story is too old to be commented.