Takedown: Red Sabre - First Gameplay Footage Unveiled

Serellan Games has released the first gameplay footage of Takedown: Red Sabre.

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john21947d ago

looking good so far. After what has happened to the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series, this could very well fill the gap between action and tactical shooters

kwyjibo1947d ago

This has got such a long way to go.

I don't know of any tactical shooter where you waltz in through the lobby guns ablazing and throwing grenades.

Neoninja1947d ago

lol dude in the background

pompombrum1947d ago

I always want to support tactical fps games so good luck to these devs but that video was ridiculously slow and boring.

Grave1947d ago

agree. I love TFPS, but the world seemed really empty and dull.

DeadlyFire1947d ago

For a starter its not bad. Reminds me of Raven Shield. Pacing and all seems to be almost the exact match to it. Not bad to me personally.

I hope to buy this and it gets a sequel. :)

FullMetalTech1947d ago

Nice. Needs more animation tweaks for the characters. Also theirs a kickstarter for H-Hour as well. A TP Tactical Shooter. I hope this game gets done too.