Dota 2 is “transitioning into launch mode”

Valve have announced that they are preparing to transition their moba, Dota 2, into “launch mode”. In a post earlier to the official Dota 2 blog, Valve have confirmed that they are ready to begin to move out of Beta, and into a full release. This will be done in stages, to accomodate for the undoubtedly large surge in player numbers, by opening the game to batches of gamers at a time. In preperation for the full release, Valve have announced various steps that they will take, including:

- Introducing a larger set of tutorials
- Removing the invite system
- Keeping players informed on the impact of increased numbers
- An increase in the number of ‘server clusters’

Dota 2 will be free to play on release, and has been announced to be released full this summer.

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