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The Last of Us Multiplayer: Should you be playing it?

The short answer? YES YES YES.

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Community2039d ago
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trouble_bubble2040d ago

I wish it had at least one mode with infected. Doing the 12 week Firefly and Hunter Journeys online is such a yuck grind, especially without host migration. The 100% clan threats are accidents waiting to happen.

TXIDarkAvenger2039d ago

Aren't they adding a dlc for multiplayer? what is that?

ArchangelMike2039d ago

ND know that everyone want an infected horde mode, this has been requested even pre-release. Don't worry, they'll add it, and more probably.

I actually like the 12 week survivor meta-game. It's not a grind at all because you don't have to get into it, or even pay attention to it if you dont want to.

But yeah, only having two game modes needs to change quickly, as it'll very quickly get stale.

vishmarx2039d ago

my only complaint is if a match gets dropped due to bad connection from either side
theres a chance i loose all my survivor
im saying coz it happedned to me in week 10.

Speed-Racer2039d ago

Man I need to get this asap!

KillrateOmega2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

It really is a beautiful game. Right off the bat you can tell that they put A LOT of time and effort into it.

So, yes, you should definitely start playing it if you haven't already.

Omar912039d ago

Online is a lot of fun, however I personally do not like the attacks from the fireflies and doing the missions. They just make my playtime frustrating because I'm more worried about getting revives then being tactical with my team. That's just my opinion of course.

Dunpeal2039d ago

yeah, i get that they were trying to mix things up and add a story element as a sort of incentive, but if you're not the greatest at FPS these missions can be real downers

TukkerIntensity2039d ago

...your aren't obligated to do them.

cheameup2039d ago

I like the online allot but its just too long between rounds. They need to speed it up.

MestreRothN4G2039d ago

They had the same problem with Uncharted.

I guess the game is loading on that looong wait.

Overall, very good MP. It really fits the "simplicity" of the game itself.

guitarded772039d ago

Yeah, Naught Dog is amazing at almost everything, except making online quick. The wait between rounds, and the wait to get in a game can be slow for both Uncharted and TLoU. Sucks because they both have great MP. The reason so many people play CoD, is because of the instant gratification. Jump in easily, hardly any wait between rounds or respawn. In no way do I want to see Naughty Dog change to be more like CoD, but the accessibility could be improved for their online.

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The story is too old to be commented.