Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut screenshots

Take a look at some screenshots from Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut.

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hiredhelp1948d ago

Still one this gens best Game. Make another

Software_Lover1947d ago

I have had Deus Ex on Steam since release and still haven't played it. Sad.

Agent_00_Revan1947d ago

That is sad. You should feel ashamed of yourself. It is an amazing game!

Stop whatever you're doing, and go play it. Right now. Now! Put the hot pocket down and play it!!

Agent_00_Revan1947d ago

I just beat the game for the third time a few weeks ago. Still love it. But I'm really excited they announced it for all current gen systems.

I want to play the fixed boss fights and any other changes on my PS3 like I did with the original version.

RE_L_MAYER1947d ago

whats the difference in directors cut?

ZeekQuattro1947d ago

Better A.I and revamped boss battles for the most part. You have more options on how to take out the bosses according to your play style. They also updated the visuals and implemented the DLC into the main story seamlessly. Oh and it comes with a in game players guide.