Warframe dev: Mid-size studios dying off

GamesIndustry: "Digital Extremes wants to stay one anyway, creative director says mobile is even riskier than free-to-play."

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Transporter471997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Still preferred the first time they showed it more then the revised version which they went with i did beat it, gave me a headache idk know why.

kratoz12091997d ago

Cannot wait to play Warframe on the PS4 :D

Pillsbury11997d ago

War frame looks amazing cannot wait to play it and the best part? It's FREE. If I like it I will invest more money into it, if I don't nothing lost.

Tontus1996d ago

Well if mid-size studios are dying off there's 2 ways to resolve this.

1. Expand. Hire some amazing talent that's out there and make a great AAA game.

2. Become indie developers on less ambitious more experimental projects.