E3 2013: Tales of Xillia Preview | EGM

EGM: "It’s always exceedingly difficult to judge an RPG based on a demo—and that’s especially true with Tales, where so much of the appeal comes from the interplay between characters and exploring the expansive world. Based on the hourlong snippet I got to play, though, I’m impressed by how much of it’s already resonating with me. The battles are quick, action-packed affairs, and you can even link together two Artes between characters now. And while I’m a fan of the series in general, I’m a longtime eye-roller at the endless parade of dunderheaded Tales main characters we’ve seen over the years (outside of Tales of Vesperia‘s suitably badass Yuri Lowell), so the banter between Milla and Jude also made me grin—if you’d ever wanted to smack a dopey Tales pretty boy across the head, Milla’s your gal."

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