Here's why Nvidia's $299 Shield gaming handheld is a steal

My gut reaction to seeing the $299 price tag of Nvidia's Shield gaming handheld: way overpriced.
And that was after Nvidia cut the price of the Android-powered device -- which will be available June 27 -- by $50 on Thursday.
But in reality, the Shield may end up being a relative bargain for folks who want a dedicated gaming device. It comes down to the video games available on Android. Many are free, or cost 99 cents. An "expensive" game would run you $10.

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NameRemoved00171943d ago

Or wait for the new transformer prime with way better specs like 1600p screen but it still has a tegra 4 so it can do everything this failure can.

Dasteru1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Of course it has better specs, it's a full size tablet.

That is like calling a laptop a failure and saying you will wait for a new desktop PC.

Also the Transformer Prime was $600 at launch, as will be a new one.


To play better Android games than your phone can handle, with proper gaming controls, and to play PC games on the go.

NioRide1942d ago

But it doesn't have better specs, *outside of the screen*

They will have the same cpu/gpu, and most likely the same ammount of memory. And since both provide expandable memory the Shield is the one that is better off since it already has a controller with it, and you aren't required to sync one up.

Bigpappy1942d ago

Put windows 8 on it at that price, and I will snap one right up

2pacalypsenow1942d ago

Why would I buy this when my phone can play Android Games and My PC can play Pc games?

NioRide1942d ago

You wouldn't need to, just like how I don't need 4 tablets and 3 smart phones, but I have them anyways.

cunnilumpkin1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

because this can play pc games while you poo


I agree it seams somewhat unnecessary if you own a smart phone and a pc, but, being able to steam your entire pc library (mine is over 400 games) to a handheld is kind nice, laying in bed, on the patio, anywhere your wifi reaches

if it was $199 I would consider it, $300 seems a bit much. I already have an iphone 4s, a mid-spec, 2 year old gaming laptop, a top of the line gaming pc (gtx680, i72600) a ps3 and a vita

spending 300 bucks for redundancy seems wastefull

2pacalypsenow1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Yeah i mean anyone that can afford this for $300 most likely already has a Tablet smartPhone ,Pc or all of them

kneon1942d ago

I also don't see the point of this product. It's too big and clunky to want to take it anywhere and if I'm at home I have many better options for playing games.

NioRide1942d ago

I find it funny people think its way overpriced, I paid $300 for my 10' tablet with Tegra 3 on it, This will be capable of doing every emulator out, full touch screen supported games can have the buttons mapped out. Its pretty much a mobile device dream machine.

Heck The Nexus 7 will be $50 less but will be running a cpu that is 2 years older. has a screen that is only slightly bigger provides no video out, and no memory support outside of OTG, and its one of the best selling tablet devices on the market.

At least from my perspective, I love these devices and if I pick this up it will be my 5th such device. Being that I have 4 tablets and multiple smartphones I picked up used.

They are fun devices and are very powerful. And if they advertise this device I'm sure they will find a market of people willing to buy it like myself.

MakiManPR1942d ago

All the Cellphones now can do what this thing will do. I have a HTC One so no need for this Overpriced...thing

NioRide1942d ago

And your phone unlocked plus a ps3 controller for those who don't have it will cost you $560. And it's not as powerful.

guitarded771942d ago

I don't see this device making it. Why would people buy a $300 Android gaming platform when they can have a Vita or 3DS for less? The article says the Android games are cheaper, comparing them to top tier Vita/3DS titles, which is BS. There are cheap mobile/downloadable games and classics on the Nintendo/Sony handhelds. So the price of game argument is BS. Also, with PS+ you get a good selection of games for free on the Vita.Finally, with the PS4 coming out, the Vita's remote play feature along with Gaikia will make the Vita able to play PS2, 3 and 4 games through your Vita. I just don't see why anyone would buy the Shield over Vita or 3DS. Maybe if they already own Vita and 3DS, or if they're really into development of Android games, but that doesn't seem like a lot of people. I'm not being down on the Shield, just wondering what the hell the makers were thinking.

NioRide1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Is it really for less though? 250$ for a Vita without memory, toss in a 16GB card and you've already paid more. That's also before the pricetag of the games.

There is actually a large selection of free-to-play games on the android market that are really fantastic. And a large selection of emulators you don't have to crack the system for to play.

Added that with wifi you can also play your ps2 games from emulation on your home computer, *not through the Nvidia streamer* there are other streaming apps that work though different connections away from your home.

Soldierone1942d ago

People considering a Vita or Shield most likely already own a smartphone with access to all the casual phone games.

And you talk positive about the shield, so talk positives about the vita too.

-You say it streams PC stuff, well Vita will stream every PS4 game too, among other features with it.

-The free to play selection is growing, and its better quality than android.

-the Vita will last several years, while smartphones and Shield will be out dated when the next graphics chip or cell phone processors come out.

-The Vita has real games to choose from, thus justifying their higher price tag.

-The Vita actually fits in your pocket, unless your have no balls and wear skinny jeans.

guitarded771942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I think you misunderstood my comment. I'm not talking crap about the Shield. I'm simply saying that the majority of people will choose an easy access handheld from a company that has a proven track record in the handheld market over the Shield.

The majority of people aren't savvy to know about emulation, and the Shield doesn't have mega franchises like Mario to sell it. It will not get the same attention or sales numbers as the other two.

When remote play with PS4 goes live, many will see that they can play their favorite online shooters wherever they are and it will trump what the Shield is offering. I'm comparing Shield to Vita more so because they seem to go after more of the same demographic than 3DS and Shield.

kB01942d ago

I still think it's a tad expensive:P I did pre order it, but I cancelled cuz they no longer support Laptop Gpus.I currently don't have my desktop with me:(.

Also Nvidia's business practice seems to be very bad...I tried cancelling it for the past month, and yesterday they said they can't cancel it anymore.

They are physically pushing the damn thing onto ppl.

I hope that my pre order is cancelled:(

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