End of the Golden Age: Are Games Consoles Too Generic?

Games consoles are becoming homogeneous appliances with few distinguishing features, argues Will Luton.

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first1NFANTRY1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I agree it's about the games BUT the constant fps games aren't helping. Thankfully we have devs like Naughty Dog who deliver incredible new experiences.

I have a lot more faith in next gen tho. I personally think its all about the indies.

Whitefeather1945d ago

I'm an indie myself so I'm glad Sony is giving us our time in the lime light.

A-laughing-horse1945d ago

Constant fps like killzone, halo and call of duty?

PopRocks3591946d ago

I certainly would not call the PS4 or Wii U generic. Like any generation, exclusive games and features will push consoles to success.

juaburg1945d ago

Buy a bloody Wii U then. Looks like a really good console. The games will come.

MysticStrummer1945d ago

Looking at the three consoles considered "next gen", I don't agree that they have few distinguishing features. Whether you like those features or not, each console has it's own.

I also think the next generation shows signs of a substantial upswing, not down.

If this generation is the Golden Age, then things are about to go Platinum.

xYLeinen1945d ago

Seeing how they get preordered like hotcakes I highly doubt it. The price, the accessibility is really a winner among the crowd.

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