63 Screenshots from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s “Secret” Opening for Meteor Survivors

Those that will return to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn after previously playing the game are granted the chance to see a special intro cutscene that new players won't see at all, and a special mark on their back.

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Nevers1947d ago

Too cool. I really thought it was clever to work in the destruction of the initital launch.

Abriael1947d ago

Yep. It worked great, I know there were quite a few of my linkshell members tearing up this morning when they first logged in :D

ajames3471947d ago

I wish I could have seen the special opening myself. That sounds like a really cool concept.

Abriael1947d ago

I'll post a video when the NDA drops :D

NatureOfLogic1947d ago

Back to some FFXIV ARR beta. I'm level 18 right now. I'm going to be so sad when it's time to reset. :(

dp2774071947d ago

Yea I'll be back on tonight also lvl 16 here.

FamilyGuy1947d ago

lol, I just started last night, I'm only level 3.
Spent a lot of time on that intro, tutorial and learning the ropes.

Nevers1947d ago

Made a lvl 10 caster and a lvl 5 melee. Looking forward to getting back into it tonight. Think I'm going to start a different race in a different city then continue my mage.

cunnilumpkin1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

these are all pc screenshots, and they look awesome!!

But I want to see some ps3 shots, my brother wants me to play on ps3 with him, but the stuff I saw a while back looked realy, really bad.

hope they have vastly improved the ps3 visuals!

Nevers1947d ago

I thought it looked pretty nice on my ps3.

Abriael1947d ago

Unfortunately, while I have the PS3 version on hand, it doesn't yet allow taking screenshots.

It definitely has improved since the first showing, but it's for sure not as good as PC, the shift in resolution shows a lot, alongside aliasing. But for a MMO on PS3, it still looks good, considering the outdated hardware and the lack of memory.

cunnilumpkin1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

would you say it looks the same or better than white knight chronicles, I love that game, and if its about on par with that i'm fine with that

FamilyGuy1947d ago

It like about as good as WKCs 2

FamilyGuy1947d ago

It like about as good as WKCs 2, magic spells in wkc2 looked better though, every is always pile diving on enemies here so it's hard to see sometimes.

Pretty similar except with more noticeable jaggies though.

FamilyGuy1947d ago

They sent a lot of beta codes out through psn messaging, I had 5 friends online last all playing. I'm on there too, can't believe downloading that video/trailer off ps store really worked ^_^

NioRide1947d ago

Jumping back on, I'm really going to hate to restart but its definitely a fun game.