How PC Gaming is Influenced by Console Gaming

We all know PC’s are superior than Consoles in terms of specs and technology. Even with Next-Gen Consoles coming in with updated specs, there are happy PC owners that can truly brag about their powerhouse systems having one up on these new Consoles. Even then Personal Computers can’t help but lag behind the competition. We can praise gaming PC’s on their hardware but what does it really do in terms of Gaming?

The answer is simple. It does exactly what the Competition is doing. I say this because Consoles influence PC Gaming and in a big way. Lets say you had a monster PC, and when I say monster I mean fill your PC with Specs you really do not need. The reason why I say you don’t need it is because there isn’t a single game in the world I’ve seen that uses more than 3 gigs of ram and then you see folks building PC’s they use “strictly” for Gaming and fill it with 32 gigs of ram. Even if you spend 1,500 bucks on a new PC built for Gaming, that system won’t do more to games that isn’t already happening on 400 dollar consoles. The reason is this, aside from having better Anti-Aliasing, Shading, Processing, ETC. PC’s when it comes to gaming, even right now are doing the exact same things Consoles are. What Developers do with their Games on PC is allow those Games to have better Anti-Aliasing, and Shading. Aside from that you are getting the exact same game you are on Console.

Even with a 1,500 dollar PC, you just are not seeing the kinds of graphics they are displaying on these new Consoles because Developers will not make a game for PS3, and XBOX 360 and then go off and completely BLOW the lid off of PC Gaming with the MOST amazing Next-Gen graphics. They wait till the Next-Generation of consoles come out and then slightly alter the graphics on PC, simply because it is easier that way. The truth is PC Gaming is not getting Genre Defining Exclusives on it’s Platform. If us PC gamers did get those kinds of Developers that TRULY wanted to take advantage of our Platform in a way that could potentially make Consoles lag behind, then we could go off and spend 1,500 dollars on a Gaming PC because only then would the Extra Specs make a difference. The Technology is there to create Titles with Mind-Blowing Graphics, with Mind-Blowing Scale, and with Mind-Blowing Physics but we don’t have a Developer that want’s to take advantage of that Technology. It’s not happening now but someday a group of people will do just that, and that is when the Tides will turn and PC Gaming will be influencing Console Gaming and not the other way around.

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Reefskye1997d ago

Never seen a game use more than 3gb of ram? Well most games use the ram available on the graphics cards to start with.. if you don't have 64bit OS then ofc you wont either, i seen games use 4-5gb of VRAM on PC.

RAM doesnt = Graphics.. RAM = Multitasking on your PC.

This is why graphics cards have their own memory.. One its better for graphics and two it free's up your bog standard ram for other programs and processes..

ARMA 3 can use up to 5gb of video memory alone for HD textures.. BF3 iive seen use up to 3-4gb of VRAM so saying you never seen a game use more than 3gb of ram is abit misleading.. When obviously you havent taken in to account VRAM.

theEx1Le1997d ago

That is total BS, even at 1400p battlefield uses just over two gigs of ram. Infact the only game that i have heard of using more than that is Skyrim at around 3gb.

And Arma has low PC utilization. The Game and engine is heavily dependent on your CPU and barely scratches your Gfx card in most cases, never using more than 2gb because thats a limitation of the engine.

M-M1997d ago

Nearly every part of the PC contributes to graphics in some way, so don't say "RAM doesnt = Graphics".

NioRide1997d ago

Increase your memory doesn't yield a increase in graphical performance....

Just like going from as low as 750mhz memory to 2000mhz memory yields .2fps difference. All memory does is store data, it doesn't render or compute.

ChrisW1997d ago

By storing data, he means it might help levels load faster. But even then, that mostly depends on your HD rpm speed.

JsonHenry1997d ago

When playing BF3 @1080p max settings in stereoscopic 3D (nvidia GTX680 here) my total system usage is around 1.5 gigs of VRAM in use and about 3.5gigs of system RAM for a total of about 5gigs of RAM.

TechnicianTed1997d ago

I find it funny when people talk about pcs not having genre defining exclusives, because it has plenty, and there are genres on pc that aren't on console at all.

X3:The Reunion - There isn't a game like it on console.

The Stalker series - There are no games like them on console.

Company of Heroes - You will not find an RTS as good on console.

The Dawn of War series - Same as Company of Heroes, there's nothing on console even remotely as good.

Amnesia - There's some games coming that take their inspiration from it, but at the moment there's nothing like it.

The Arma series - The only game on console that is close in any sort of way is the Operation Flashpoint series, but the Arma series stomps all over it for quality and scale.

There are loads more, if I listed them all I'd be here all day.

Console exclusives are great but they are mostly 3rd person affairs. If I didn't have a gaming pc I'd miss out on the genres that don't appear on console, and I like a very wide range of games. Limiting yourself isn't a good thing when you're a gamer.

nix1997d ago

i personally don't like RTS and FPS. that's why i don't prefer PC games (i know there are other types of games on PC too). i do play games on my macbook. but last time i did that it was really long back. back then, i had just discovered Steam so bought few games from it. right now Vita takes up most of my gaming time purely because i can carry it anywhere and play great games. plus, i recently subscribed to PSN plus - the games just rain there. lol. so many cheap games.

i could have easily bought cheap games on steam too but carrying around vita is much easier than carrying around a macbook. after vita i even stopped playing games on my mobile - the xperia Play.

i guess i just don't prefer PC because i want to play games on the go for now.
yes, i know macbook is not equal to PC gaming. i used to own a PC once but my lifestyle/workstyle has changed a lot since then so i keep few gadgets that work for me. macbook, vita, ps3 and a mobile phone.

TechnicianTed1997d ago

I appreciate your response, but everything you just said has nothing to do with what I said. I'm not asking you to tell me what your preferences are, I'm telling you there ARE plenty of games on pc and genres on pc that aren't available on console.

I could tell you my preferences for gaming, I could tell you I don't really game on the Vita much even though my son has one, because there aren't many games on it I like, but it doesn't really have anything to do with the point I'm making.

nix1996d ago

i kinda realised that after i pressed the "add reply" button. and i wanted to edit it and just type "sorry wrong post"... then i thought it might even piss you off even more, so i left it as it is.


JsonHenry1997d ago

Don't forget the BIGGEST AND MOST POPULAR GAMES IN THE WORLD are MOBA games likes Dota1&2 and League of Legends.

If you do not know what those games are or somehow doubt my claim that they are the most popular then you do not know what you are talking about and should do yourself a favor and go look them up and then play them. You simply don't know what you are missing.

Revvin1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

If you're just playing the average FPS, your yearly rinse and repeat Call of Duty or Battlefield game then yes PC's are limited by consoles to a certain extent though the PC versions always look better. If you're going to buy a gaming PC just to play those year on year titles then then you are ignoring the titles where the PC shines, titles like ARMA 2 which is a well matured product and looks every bit as good as the current Battlefield game but on a scale Battlefield players could only dream of and includes paid for expansions and a whole slew of mods like Dayz, Wasteland, Invasion 1944 as well as spin off titles like Iron Front Liberation. We now have alpha access to Arma 3 which soon goes into beta yet is very playable even in this early version and will provide an amazing platform for the future, again on a scale Battlefield players would have wet dreams about.

The most realistic racing games on the consoles pale in comparison in terms of realism when compared to PC exclusives like iRacing, rFactor 2, or the forthcoming Assetto Corsa which has a very playable tech demo released that bodes very well for a fantastic looking, highly realistic racing simulation. Project CARS will release on consoles but it started life on the PC and looks fantastic in DX11 mode. Nothing comes close to the online organisation of iRacing and its scheduled races, matchmaking, laser scanned tracks and cars for absolute realism and the ability to host your own leagues, fully automated through their website portal. If you don't like that then host your own dedicated servers in rFactor 2 or Assetto Corsa and load in your own mods.

Don't like racing but still need a challenge? Fine choose from a long list of realistic flight sims never seen or ever likely to be seen on the consoles - Rise of Flight, X-Plane, DCS World, Lock On, IL-2 - just a few of the titles you can play online or offline, if you want to go MMO then play Aces High against hundreds of players in a strategic based persistent world.

I have a PS3 and 360, I'm planning on getting the PS4 and Xbox One but soon I hope to spend around a £1000 on a new CPU, graphics card, motherboard and memory just for some of those games I mentioned above and for that reason I believe the article is a little shortsighted.

Angeljuice1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Thats not really what the article is saying. Its saying that no games are making full use of high-end pc's, and that is very true. You can spend $2000 on a pumped up pc with insane power and it won't look any different to one costing half the price, because nobody optimises for it.

I use a workstation with duel Quadro and Tesla cards for film rendering and sfx. For those who don't know, when they have poor yielding Tesla's, they turn them into titans. The machine is insanely powerful, custom built costing over £10,000 ($15,000) with a total of 64gb Gddr6, 128gb DDR3 and it needs to be to render 4k feature length films and special effects in a few hours (this would take days or even weeks on a top-spec gaming rig). And yet if I play a pc game on it it runs exactly the same as a $1200 gaming pc.

There is a cut-off point with pc gaming whereby the only advantage you gain going over that point is bragging rights.

The article is just asking what games would be like if you used the full potential of the high-end systems.

Angeljuice1997d ago

Whoops, meant GDDR5, its a powerful machine but it can't bend time (typing on smartphone) :-)

CrossingEden1997d ago

legend of zelda created lock on
devil may cry was the first 3d hack and slash game
resident evil set a new standard for survival horror
halo combat evolved was the first game to have independent A.I. reactions based on how their allies died, was the first game to have a separate button dedicated to grenades and multiple layers of health
resident evil 4 was the first game with an over the shoulder perspective
mario revolutionized platforming in its time
nuff said, console games have contributed to gaming much more then pc has, graphics=/=innovation, there's a reason why crysis 3 failed while halo 4 broke a new record and won a huge load of awards

NioRide1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

All developed on,...dun dun dun, a PC.

Let me guess, now you are going to say, sales means its good..

enjoy all of your future amazing COD quality games.

CrossingEden1997d ago

all developed on a pc for consoles -_- they were developed with consoles in mind, meaning that they tested everything with controllers, still haven't seen a pc game capture the emotional appeal of okami or shadow of the colossus or even the last guardian trailers

SonyPS41997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

You left out many genres console didn't have, or genres that console tried but failed and we had RTS, sandbox games, simulators, MMOs, etc. We also have substantial online play even from back in the 56k days, mod support (in which consoles don't enjoy), and an emulated backlog of the majority of video game history. Shooters consolites play today were born on PC or heavily inspired by franchises born on PC.

Consoles are becoming more like PCs every generational leap. Hard drives/internal memory, substantial online play, the newly adopted PC architecture, operating system installs (PS3 Other OS which later got axed in a FW update), multimedia playback, etc. all were features PC had since long ago.

Just admit it, PC is king. And PC is the future of consoles. It's getting closer to that every generation.

CrossingEden1996d ago

I don't think pc sandbox games were as good as hak and daxter dude

Miraak82 1997d ago

The lowest common denominator sets the standard , unless your too low then you get left behind ..*cough cough WiiU

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