Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Confirmed for North America, Latin America, Brazil

Namco Bandai Games has confirmed Battle of Z will come to three additional regions.

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Neoninja1949d ago

Its been a good long while since I played a dbz game, last one was burst limit. They all seem the same to me.

If this one isn't the same old same old then I will check it out.

tayz1949d ago

namco bandai has sort of screwed themselves over. if only they made a decent DBZ game from the start. No RB1, RB2, or UT. Just work on this game and make it epic. But nope, they been too greedy so we're all questioning if it will be good.

Thirty3Three1949d ago

They weren't being "greedy".

Geez, man. People like you really tick me off:

When a company develops a game you don't enjoy, you call them "greedy".

That's like you coming up to me and saying "Hi!" and I reply with, "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE YOU IDIOT" but with a ton of swearing...

DarkBlood1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Whew thank god Physical version for ps3 in canada.

tayz1949d ago

lol full PS3 games as DLC is some of the most ridiculous stuff I ever heard. When they did it for Pirate Warriors, i could only do a faceparm

Whxian1949d ago

8 players sounds like it could be great. but will it be cross play between vita and ps3 atleast ?

GdaTyler1948d ago

It's a good thing I have a 32GB memory card for the Vita, so downloading this won't be a problem. Would have preferred a physical copy since I don't know how big the game is and how smoothly it runs as a downloadable-only game. Still excited and I can't wait!!!