Ubisoft Confirms The Division and The Crew Are Always Online, Believes These Experiences Are Great

Ubisoft confirmed that both Tom Clancy's The Division and The Crew are "always online" games, and mentioned that the publisher feels that these kind of experiences are great.

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WorldGamer2035d ago

That's awesome, as long as they use that fact to further enhance the game, I'm okay with it.

Both games look like they will provide some decent innovation for the upcoming gaming cycle.

Abriael2035d ago

Same. I hate always online only when it's just an "In your face" DRM. If it drives features, I'm all for it.

Testfire2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Yes because we see how always online worked miracles in Sim City. I'll vote with my wallet and not get either.

Baka-akaB2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

People needs to chill . Sim city was a game that could work the same offline . The division and the Crew are clearly thought with online in mind .

Let's not start b*tch*ing about every online game because of some creepy attempts to enforce online on consoles

DragonKnight2035d ago

Just because The Division and The Crew are made with online in mind doesn't mean they HAVE to be always online. Ubisoft clearly learned nothing from their own always online DRM with AC2 on PC, nor the always online of SimCity or Diablo 3.

Always Online is a terrible idea. Always. It is never a good idea because it is never 100% reliable and this "server based calculations" garbage any developer uses to justify it is a load of B.S. lies.

People who support The Division and The Crew and yet complained about Xbox One DRM are hypocrites and should stop gaming because they are the problem with the gaming industry on the gamer end, not the solution.

Destrania2035d ago

That's like saying never play an MMO game. Take your own advice and don't be dumb.

DragonKnight2035d ago

@Destrania: It's most certainly not the same. An MMO is always online because it's a completely multiplayer game with no option for single player play. No single player aspect of any game should have a forced online requirement. Period. Preventing you from playing single player because you're not online or your connection is out is just stupid and wrong.

sobekflakmonkey2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Well The Division is an MMO RPG shooter....those of which are always online, trying playing guild wars 2 or WoW without an internet connection lol The crew on the other hand should be single player offline, as well as online...doesn't matter though, I don't think anyone is going to buy "The crew" anyways..

superkidcupid132034d ago

i dnt think thats what they mean by always has nothing to do with drm...its just saying that the game will always change if u were playing online or if u played the game went to work and went home and hopped back will notice a difference from the last time u played....always online doesnt mean drm has to b involved...

superkidcupid132034d ago

btw if u really think about it...every game u play thats single player is technically always online..unless u dnt hook up ur console to wifi...really think about it....single player might be a offline mode...but that fact that ur console is hooked into the internet makes it always online...


I'm pretty sure they said it was possible to play those games offline back in E3... I believe they mean that the game was designed to be played completelly online, hence you may not be able to play it all offline and/or the games benefits if you are always online, not that you'll NEED a connection to play it alone.

Dee_912034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

They confirmed The Crew has a single player mode.I never played a MMO so im not sure if they have single player aspect.But either way its dumb to make a game always online when it has single player available.They think they can just label a game MMO then its okay for it to be always online.If mulitplayer isnt required to progress through the main story it shouldnt be considered a MMO.

Needless to say im not getting either at launch.I will more than likely wait for someone make a hack like they did for sims city and get the pc versions or wait and see exactly what they mean by always online.I hope watch dogs isnt always online.

redwin2034d ago

Lol.. We should bring back a-tracs and cassette tapes. I bet you use your Walkman everyday. Lol

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AngelicIceDiamond2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I already knew this as soon as I saw The division and they explained it as an MMO. and How The Crew is a "Connected world."

"The Division isn't an MMO" Its also a "living world"

Hmmm. Is there a real difference? WOW is always connected and living?

That still has "offline" single play? But your still have to be online?

Sorry sounds like MMO to me.

Destiny is also Always On.

Cmk01212035d ago

no offline at all, you may play solo and turn of multiplayer elements but you must be connected online to play the game

titletownrelo2035d ago

uh-oh, spaghetti-Os

Not another Sim City D:

Eldyraen2035d ago


Its more of another Diablo 3 than Sim City but even that isn't quite right.

Sim City for example has always been a singleplayer centric experience which had zero reason for such a drastic change. Diablo 3 however has always had a strong multiplayer following so although online sucked it was better received and sold significantly better. Nearly all blizzard games have bad strong online possibities actually (oldest being exceptions as they actually had some cool games way back when other than the 3 main IPs--pre-Blizzard days had Rock and Roll Racing which I still want a reboot for even if some simple arcade/PSN release).

As long as a game has a strong reason for always online its more acceptable especially for new IPs. IMO existing IPs though need to be left as is as much as possible. Diablo 3 for example would had been just as good for most with it being optional and better in many ways as would had been better received and sold even more.

Its a fine line but it can add to certain experiences and just hope its worth it in their cases.

tuglu_pati2035d ago

I guess low income customers as well as all the people complaining about always online wont be able to play it.

Bimkoblerutso2035d ago

Yeah, it's a little disheartening. But at the same time, developers have been making MMO's since the dawn of the internet, so a few games that function similarly should not throw up flags on the same level an entire industry push towards always-on DRM does.

No_Limit2035d ago

Xbox1 owners that can activate day one online patch rejoiced.

Xbox1 owners with low income or live in the deserts without internet are sadden by this news.

Eldyraen2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I don't see the big deal--some games by design require it the same way some dont allow multiplayer.

rainslacker2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I thought the division was an MMO, so that was understandable, but I guess not. Probably gonna play it because it looks great, but ever-changing world? Wouldn't mind a SP default game myself, but it is what it is I guess.

Not sure about the crew. Thought it had an offline mode, but required net for some features to work. Guess not though.:( Although, in retrospect, the gameplay did look to be multi-player as well.

Thing though is, if people don't want that, they don't have to buy it. I imagine this game delivery technique will become common next gen, just to keep the games off the 2nd hand market, or recoup revenues from it perhaps. Not unlike the MP tacked on, and online passes this gen.

I guess my only real problem with all of it is it gives an expiration date to the game. One day the servers will be shut down, and the game will become unplayable.:( Sad for those that like to go back and play their older games from time to time.

whoyouwit042035d ago

Oh okay it's fine when 3rd parties force always online on you but when microsoft does it it's the end of the world. That makes perfect since.

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Psychotica2035d ago

Well the article says the games are not MMO's and you can play by yourself, that works for me.

Blackdeath_6632035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

well if they are not mmo's and you can play by yourself why does it need to be always online? i wonder if there is online pass linked to it because at that stage it is basically exactly what MS set out to do only difference is that only the game is always on not the console

Livecustoms2035d ago

Dont mind it being always on, its when a WHOLE console is always on that is when i get pissedddd !

Mainsqueeze2035d ago

Agree. I really do think that alot of multiplayer experiences can be enhanced with always online but when a console needs to be online for you to play single player games, well that's just unnecessary and limits people that don't want to pay extra money to enjoy a sp experience.

Dno2035d ago

So when the servers go down I cannot play these games? no buy from me unless its like 15 bucks.

Abriael2035d ago

You're probably not gonna buy a lot of games next gen. Not too smart to avoid games due to a preconception.

Dno2035d ago

Yup 2 games out of all the games announced for XB1 and PS4 will for sure cut down on my game time.

don't tell people what to spend money on trust me it won't go over well for you.

dark-hollow2035d ago

Am afraid this will be a trend with third party publishers like online passes.

Eldyraen2035d ago


The fact Ubisoft has said connected and open world games are sort of the focus of this gen for them means always online likely will become acceptable for many third party games outside of themselves. EA is another that is likely to do it as they also have tested Origin access requiring games for PC (with Ubi requiring Ubiplay--just for comparison). Activision going multiplayer only for their "next big thing" is also a possible connection.

I doubt all games will but the fact publishers knew about an online only console existing meant there are probably several games in the works that are designed to function around that very principle we haven't even seen yet. If not "requiring" online at least with many added online functionality outside of basic multiplayer.

Another thing to consider is this: if online only games do take off and then Xbox comes up with an "option" for an "online mode" much like it was built for (perhaps XBL Gold additional feature for wired gamers) its actually likely we could see next gen built on a more online focus than today (similar but likely better than the Xbox One was designed for--they could use the time to find a better balance). I still think MS will enable some sort of infasteucture at some point that gives people an option for some of their original vision--possibly limited to digital purchases though as easier to control (if you buy digital you are already wired and more than likely have the minimum bandwidth requirements).

I'm not some conspiracy theorist but IF publishers do move towards the digital/online (which they clearly are--its really comes down to how much of a move and by who) there might be a market large enough for a "new" approach that is atleast somewhere between today and MS's vision of tomorrow. Personally I'm looking forward to it--when there is a way to institute the good with as little as possible or none of the "bad".

Some sacrifices are necessary though as altruism won't keep them in business.

loulou2035d ago

this will be more and more next gen